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China's top ten famous brand
发布时间2017-04-27 20:03:00

Today, many of the year the famous brand of the old Chinese brand has long been declining, and even disappeared. But there are so ten brands still Fengshengshuiqi, such as Maotai, Shuangmei and old Fengxiang and so on. "There are 15,000 old brands in China, 1,500 are still alive, 150 live is pretty good, but only 10 can be called alive," said Yu Mingyang, director of the Shanghai Jiaotong University Brand Research Institute. Naturally because they do not think about change, was washed away by the torrent of the times; but the living has its own different ways of survival.

    1. Shuangmei (cosmetics) brand was born: 1898, Hong Kong

In 1898, Guangsheng Bank founder Feng Futian in Hong Kong founded Shuangmei, integration of Chinese and Western beauty strategy. In 1903, Shuangmei stationed in Shanghai, Tangshan Road, set up in Shanghai. Seven years later, Shuangmei settled in Nanjing Road 475, occupied the most high-end fashion landmark. In 1915, Shuangmei live up to expectations, gains the United States Panama Expo Gold Award. Li Yuanhong, the current president of the Republic of China for his handwritten inscription "material artwork, very Yan Yan." And then the Paris fashion industry with "VIVE (extreme)" praised the perfect twin sister. On the world 50 years, China's public-private partnership, Shuangmei gradually discontinued in the mainland. Until the rise of domestic tide, Shanghai Jahwa in 2010 to re-enable "Shuangmei" brand.

2010, when the Shanghai World Expo event, Shanghai Jahwa hand in hand with the French product development team and Jiang Youbo design team, to reactivate the centuries of domestic brands, will be created to Shuangmei Shanghai culture for the personality of the high-end fashion cross-border brand.

   2. Zhang Xiaoquan (scissors) brand was born: 1663, Hangzhou

Ming Chongzhen years, Anhui Huangshan Qianxian Zhang Xiaoquan rate Zhang Zhang high to Hangzhou Da Shan Lane production ancestral scissors. Due to the use of Zhejiang Longquan good steel as raw materials, grinding craftsmanship and exquisite, exquisite style, durable, and thus well known. At this time, its brand name or "Zhang Dalong". Until the Qing Emperor Kangxi two years (1663) was renamed "Zhang Xiaoquan." Qianlong years, "Zhang Xiaoquan" scissors have been classified as tribute. In 1915 in the United States at the World Expo in Panama won the silver medal. Since ancient times, "South Zhang Xiaoquan, there are Cao Zhengxing, North Wang Ma Zi" argument. Just the history of ruthless, once the scissors three champion, today only Zhang Xiaoquan survive. After the Sino-Japanese War, China's domestic waste to be. In 1956, at the time of the call of Chinese President Mao Zedong, the central government allocated 40 million yuan to rebuild Hangzhou Zhang Xiaoquan scissors factory. Zhang Xiaoquan several generations of heirs under the leadership of Zhang Xiaoquan annual output has reached 42 million. Today, its product development and growth, including home scissors, industrial and agricultural garden scissors, clothing scissors, beauty salon cut, travel gift scissors, tool series, a total of more than 100 varieties, more than 400 specifications. Zhang Xiaoquan in China's domestic market coverage and share has been the first peer, while products are also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other regions.

The figure is Zhang Xiaoquan's gold worker Shi Jinshui (left) to show its traditional forging process. 2002 - 2007, he has to Singapore, South Korea, Japan, China Central Television and other Chinese and foreign television stations more than ten show Zhang Xiaoquan scissors forging skills

Mentioned traditional Chinese medicine, will think of Tong Ren Tang, which is undoubtedly China's most prestigious old drugstore Ming Yongle years, Tong Ren Tang founder of the great-grandfather of the greatgrandfather Le Liang family moved to the capital of Beijing, to take the streets, practice medicine for sale. Music is a musician fourth generation descendant, early also bell doctor, after the palace too hospital as a cashier of the official account, to collect a large number of court secret recipe, the ancient side, folk prescription and ancestral secret recipe. Kangxi eight years (1669) Lecong Yang was founded Tong Ren Tang, located in the West grinding factory. In 1723, Tong Ren Tang began to serve the imperial medicine, after eight generations of emperor 188 years.

After several generations, the reputation of more than 300 years of Beijing Tong Ren Tang, has now developed into a large state-owned enterprises. This piece of gold signs three hundred years to survive, a very important part of the reason is that it has long been strict selection of materials, regardless of winter and summer heat to adhere to the principle of iron and other drugs. In 1997, Beijing Tong Ren Tang listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, in 2011 net profit of 430 million. Of course, China's culture of Chinese culture is the lifeline of Tong Ren Tang.

    4. Maotai (liquor) brand was born: 1704, Maotai town

Chinese wine Guizhou Maotai is undoubtedly the honor, make money correct brand for centuries. 1915 so far, Maotai won a total of 15 international gold medal. Among them, in 1915 at the World Expo in Panama, "a fame" is passed for the elephants. Maotai's name is officially born in 1704 (Kangxi forty-two years). Guizhou Maotai town famous wine is since ancient times. Until the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Maotai town of the world's back to the sand sauce flavor liquor has been forming. Kangxi forty-two years, Maotai liquor in the form of a large number of brands, such as "back to the sand Maotai", "Mao Chun", "Maotai burning spring." Among them, Ji Sheng burning room to its production of liquor officially named "Maotai"

And now the Guizhou Maotai winery was established in 1953, Guizhou Province, the provincial party committee was the largest Hengxing baking house acquisition, and the other two into the house after the merger, the establishment of the state-owned Maotai wineries. 2001 Guizhou Moutai billion 31.39 yuan issue price in the A-share market, and now the stock has turned nearly ten times the stock price close to 250 yuan; and once the amazing price of 500 yuan list of small mountain, becoming the most expensive cattle in history The The first half of 2012, Guizhou Maotai net profit of up to 70 billion yuan, an increase of about 43% over the same period last year. "Limit wine order" can not limit Maotai. How to change the history and culture, the Chinese people love the liquor is always unabated, Maotai mellow and a long history of its national wine status is increasingly stable, enduring, high prices. Correspondingly, China also needs Maotai such a hundred years of signs to stabilize its increasingly declining national culture.

   5. Xie Fuchun (cosmetics) brand was born: 1830, Yangzhou

Qing Daoguang ten years, Jiangnan Yangzhou a fragrant powder shop duck egg powder available, quickly spread throughout the major north-south, was regarded as the Qing Dynasty tribute powder. This fragrance shop is Xie Fuchun. In 1915, Xie Fuchun won the United States Panama World Expo silver medal, became the first Chinese cosmetics brand. Over the past two hundred years, the regime has changed, the Chinese economy has been reformed, but the Chinese brand has not disappeared with the torrent of history. In 1988, Yangzhou Xie Fuchun daily chemical plant annual output value of 10 million, accounting for more than 80% of Yangzhou cosmetics industry. In 1991, it was presented as a gift to North Korean leader Kim Il Sung. In 2003, Xie Fuchun had due to the production of shrinking to liquidation. But just two years later, the centuries of brand rebirth, return to public view.

After two hundred years, Xie Fuchun almost maintained the original appearance: natural ingredients, carton sketch, blue and white porcelain; seems to have no change plan. Now it is no longer the scenery of course, but it does not decline. Two-year-old girl is also a large number of favors. Xie Fuchun is now mainly distributed in China's major towns and scenic commercial street. In addition, it also conforms to the era of electricity, Taobao opened its own flagship store. Xie Fuchun although the change, but seize the terminal market. This is also the way it survives.

   6. Lao Fengxiang (jewelry) brand was born: 1848, Shanghai

Lao Fengxiang is undoubtedly one of the most successful hundred years of the brand. But in 1848, when the old Fengxiang start, it is only a small shop before the shop, shops located in Shanghai Dadongmen Street. After a hundred years of baptism, the twenties and thirties of the last century, the old Fengxiang has become one of China's nine silver floor, to produce gold and silver jewelry, Chinese and Western utensils, badge beads pearl, enamel gold and other famous. As a result of nearly a hundred years of regime change, economic turmoil, Lao Fengxiang once closed, after several restructuring. In 1992 the old Fengxiang listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In 1998, China's first Pencil Co., Ltd. investment holding "Lao Fengxiang", and ultimately in 2009, "China's first pencil" officially changed its name to "old Fengxiang shares." Today's old Fengxiang has more than 70 stores in Shanghai, the national chain of silver, nearly 1,000 stores, the town of God's flagship store is more than 5,000 square meters, is the national independent brand silver floor of the most. And its company also has the old Fengxiang Silver House, the old Fengxiang Jewelry Institute, the old Fengxiang jewelry, the old Fengxiang diamond processing center more than 20 subsidiaries, and four professional factory.

Lao Fengxiang net profit in the first half of 2012 about 300 million yuan, an increase of about 11% over the same period last year.

    7. Quanjude (food) brand birth date: 1864, Beijing

Quanjude was founded in 1864 (Qing Tongzhi three years), has been 140 years of history, the founder of Hebei Ji County, Yang Quanren, known as Beijing roast duck, its first hanging furnace duck, color flavor is better than the original The stew furnace roast duck. After the commune in 1952, Quanjude set up a semicolon to expand the old shop. Former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai has repeatedly called Quanjude "all duck seats" as a state banquet. In 1993, the establishment of the Beijing Quanjude Group opened a new page in Quanjude's history.

After the longterm development, today's Quanjude formed a unique Quanjude duck as a leader, set "all duck seats" and more than 400 specialties in one of the whole Jude cuisine, in the Chinese catering industry 500, Quanjude ranked Chinese dinner The first, known as "China's first to eat." Its annual turnover of more than 700 million yuan, more than 300 million annual sales of roast duck, more than 500 million guests received.

    8. Changyu (wine) brand birth date: 1892, Yantai

On the summer of 1871 in the late Qing Dynasty, at the reception of the French consulate in Jakarta, Indonesia, Zhang Betside and the French consul were chatting, making the vineyards of the wilderness of Yantai became his mind. The French consul said that the French soldiers fighting for the wild wine with the suburbs after the taste of an excellent taste, dream of staying here after the wine business. Since then, Cheong Fong Chef in the official business began to study Yantai vineyard cultivation and soil hydrological situation. Nineteen years later, he invested 3 million taels of silver founded Changyu wine company. At that time, he certainly did not expect the vitality of the brand more powerful than any regime, it traversed the war, after several takeover and regime change still survive, and growing and growing.

Now, Changyu has developed into China and Asia's largest wine production and management enterprises.

    At the end of 2009, Changyu in Ningxia Qingtongxia City, 2.4 million mu of new plantation, as its second largest production base.

 In 2012, Changyu's brand value of about 90 billion yuan.

Changyu's centuryold wine cellar has the reputation of Asian wonders, then built three times before and after, which lasted 11 years to complete. Along the spiral stone level down a few meters, they came to the underground wine cellar. The wine cellar was built in 1894, sink into the ground 7 meters, less than 1 meter above sea level, the overall direction of the North from the beach less than 100 meters, covering 2,666 square meters. Although the wine cellar built near the sea, but also lower than the sea level, but not leakage, four seasons at room temperature around 14 degrees Celsius. The wine cellar is made of traditional Chinese bluestone, crisp and crisp, with eight deep caves. Arch hole staggered, like a maze, no one pointing

  9. Shanghai Guanshengyuan (catering) brand was born: 1915, Shanghai

Even after 94 years, "Guanshengyuan" three words are still everywhere. Guanshengyuan honey in the Shanghai market share of up to 70% in China's bottled honey market share ranked first. In addition, "Rabbit" is also its brand candy brand, selling more than 40 countries and regions, and even become the sweet memories of generations. In 1918, the national capitalist Xian Guansheng (formerly known as Xian Shisheng) in Shanghai opened a self-produced candy, candied fruit and all kinds of pastry food shop, the shop name "Guansheng Park." As Xian Xian-sheng is very focused on advertising, so Guanshengyuan in just a few years later became the ring on the beach of the flagship, it's fruit and beef dried up the Shanghai fashion youth has become the favorite food. In 1928, Xian Guansheng along the river, in Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Kunming and other cities along the Yangtze River opened more than a dozen stores. In 1934, when the film Queen Wong Butterfly for the Shirese soap advertising soon after being invited by the Guansheng Park for its moon cake exhibition cut ribbon, and with the Guanshengyuan large moon cake photo. Subsequently, Hu Die and Guan Shengyuan large moon cake photo of the huge spread of the spread on the beach, Xian Guansheng also became the beach of the "moon cake king." In 1949, Guansheng Park in the country set up 37 stores, has developed into China's largest food business.

After the liberation of public and private joint venture, Xian's holding of Guan Sheng Park Co., Ltd. disintegrated, changed its name to Guan Shengyuan food factory, its original branch scattered around, and Shanghai Guanshengyuan no contact. Guanshengyuan Group has two major trademarks of "Guanshengyuan" and "Big Rabbit". The main production and operation of large white rabbit candy, Guanshengyuan bee products, Hua Tuo wine, bergamot and other thousands of varieties of products. With annual sales of about 6 billion yuan.

   10. Butterfly sewing machine (mechanical) brand was born: 1919, Shanghai

Once the eighties had to marry the "three pieces" is one of Butterfly brand sewing machine. It is an era figure. In 1919, the national capitalist Shen Yushan created Xiechang sewing machine factory, began to produce butterfly brand sewing machine. 1966, "Butterfly" officially became the factory sewing machine products trademark, and in the national reputation. 80s of last century, "Butterfly" ushered in the history of the heyday. At that time, the country has more than 80 sewing machine factory, hundreds of parts supporting plant, while the peak of China's sewing machine production has reached 1,287 million units this figure. At that time, Shanghai, an ordinary worker's monthly salary, but thirty or forty yuan, a sewing machine to 150 yuan, but as long as can be assigned to a ticket, people will not hesitate to buy that carved golden butterfly pattern Of the black sewing machine. But in the late 90s, the clothing market wind and water, the sewing machine market is also a corresponding decline, few people are willing to sew clothes at home. Shanghai home sewing machine factory is difficult for the students. But "Butterfly" is not dead, it and the "bee" and other trademarks in 2000 was on the acquisition of shares, to the import and export companies, began to export to the market. Although the profits of a serious tightening, but the brand is indeed the world's best sales of two sewing machines, another brand is the United States wins home. From 2000 to 2008, "butterfly" overseas sales of about 440,000 to nearly 60 million units. Its greatest demand is Africa, accounting for "butterfly" all overseas sales of 50%. In recent years, "Butterfly" acquired the German company dedicated to industrial sewing equipment and automated sewing device Duke Pu, the market will focus on the European and American markets, industrial sewing market.

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