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Instant messaging system top ten ranking
发布时间2016-10-20 11:41:00

NO.1, Microsoft's LYNC

Microsoft's LYNC is upgraded from the original OCS in the enterprise market, which is the number one product, is the top product in the United States and Europe IM products, is currently in the enterprise to do the most complete product, especially with Microsoft OFFICE and EXCHANGE mail, the schedule is fully integrated, combined with its conference call and video conferencing system, the product itself, the enterprise IM is no longer stronger than them, the product is powerful, rich application, interface standards. But need to activate the registration, do not support WEB online customers.

NO.2, Cisco JABBER

By Cisco's LYNC in the global unified communications market impact on Cisco and AVAYA impact, Cisco in the end of 2011, Cisco is the world's desktop publishing IM products JABBER, compared with LYNC, which uses JAVA service layer architecture, the bottom is C / C ++ implementation, the desktop and the mobile end of its interface and LYNC almost exactly the same, even the icons are like, its advantages are highlighted with its VOIP and HD video end-to-end integration, IM as a supplement, and Cisco's Unified communication gateway is highly integrated and integrated.

Its shortcomings in the OFFICE and mail integration than Microsoft is relatively less, but also the manufacturers out of the product, the current domestic users rarely. It emphasizes it in the mobile side using JAVA service layer, more open, more suitable for IOS and ANDROID platform, which is indeed its outstanding advantage than Microsoft LYNC, especially for mobile browser HTML5 support, and APP original ecology Of the development environment, which Microsoft does in the future will be a relatively large impact.

Compared to LYNC, Cisco may be slightly to evolve some, it supports the deployment of Linux, it uses the database is open source postgresql, open source real-time database global ranking first. Does not support ORALCE, with WEB client, background and softswitch platform call center IPCC combination, to provide customer service all the features, but for WEB online seats did not provide so strong, the need for secondary development, development is relatively large.


IBM SAMETIME is relatively old models of IM products, IM is the oldest batch, its version of the current domestic users less and less, its advantages are obvious, IBM because of the enterprise application is very familiar with, so it's Enterprise-level openness is the highest, almost all nodes can be programmed again. Its flaws and its advantages, is also very obvious. There are 2 points, 1, the user's user interface does not meet the user's habits, the use of awkward. 2, JAVA client click response speed is very slow, often caused by the user complain.

NO.4, Tencent pass RTX

At present, the domestic share of the largest share of IM products Tencent pass RTX, the current total number of domestic users in accordance with the number of business users more than 5000 scale, a large number of large cases, mainly suitable for Chinese people operating habits, coupled with the influence of QQ and Tencent Vigorously promote the current enterprise market to become the largest IM products.

Tencent RTX since 2009 has been completely stopped the development of the entire development team into the enterprise QQ in the development of enterprise mail, the development team only to maintain one or two people to do small changes, Tencent internal basic to stop the enterprise network version of the re-development of the Plan, a little pity.

NO.5, Ai Pu BigAnt

BigAnt (Big Ant) is Ai Pu software company's, the first domestic government-level instant messaging software, BigAnt (large ant) designed for government departments and enterprises and institutions. Through the integration of existing information and application systems within the government and enterprise, the realization of internal fast instant messaging, internal file sharing management, sub-organization structure management, one-stop collaborative office and other functions, can effectively shorten the internal communication Distance, and quickly improve the internal and external efficiency of government and enterprises.

BigAnt (Big Ant) supports MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle and other mainstream databases. Providing a full range of secure and reliable transmission encryption storage mechanism, with a high degree of security. BigAnt (Big Ant) provides a complete API development interface, Webservice interface provides third-party applications for user information synchronization, integration can be strong. BigAnt (large ant) instant messaging software from the server and client components, support: Windows, Android, BlackBerry, MAC-PC, Web and other clients. Mainly used in government departments and large and medium-sized enterprises, is the applicability of relatively strong instant messaging software.

NO.6, Huawei UC

Huawei UC is mainly integrated with its unified communications gateway to develop, mainly belong to meet its unified communications VOIP system integration, and CISCO positioning is similar to the extension of its VOIP, Huawei itself does not value the independence of the IM architecture, Therefore, very few Huawei's separate IM architecture products to sell, usually with its voice exchange, IP switching equipment packaged with the sale. In 2008, Huawei has commissioned Microsoft to develop its desktop UC (ie IM) side of the front-end design, the current product design of the UI commissioned by foreign companies, Huawei UC as its unified communications strategy to layout.


Imo: (Instant Messaging Office, instant messaging office), enterprise instant messaging, office collaboration, and online application systems, technically based on instant messaging technology (Instant Messaging) office platform system. Provide include: electronic fax, corporate SMS, precision marketing services, web conference rooms, online ERP, mobile IP and other online applications.

Through his, the enterprise to achieve at any time with the sub-colleagues, partners, business customers through text, voice, video and other communication and collaboration to communicate and office collaboration, send and receive faxes, text messages, access and management of customers, with the Internet , In the enterprise exclusive virtual office, and colleagues, customers, partners to communicate, to carry out network communications, network office and network operators.

NO.8, messenger WiseUC

Huise WiseUC is an enterprise intelligent communication office system based on internal communication, organizational structure as the core, integration office coordination, IT system integration, help enterprises reduce operating costs and improve organizational efficiency.

At the same time, Huixun integrates the core business of the traditional collaborative office system, which can be used as a basic platform for enterprise third party management systems such as OA, CRM and other business systems to integrate these services with instant messaging applications and communicate in the transaction Efficient office mode, to help enterprises one-stop instant messaging, real-time collaborative office

NO.9, network flying pigeons

QuickDove is an enterprise-class instant messaging platform that integrates enterprise application messaging and telecom communications applications. It is designed to help businesses solve information silos, improve operational efficiency, reduce communication costs, and enable real-time access to people and business systems Collaboration, is a highly manageable, low-cost, easy-to-deploy IT platform.

NO.10, FastMsg

FastMsg is a free enterprise instant messaging software, the interface is simple, the user experience is good, no function limit, can download the server program free to deploy to the local area network or the public network server. Integrated application architecture, instant messaging, file transfer, voice and video, remote assistance, announcement notification and other functions, open application center, the user can integrate their own applications.

FastMsg leverages scalable platforms to scale and adapt to changing business needs and improve business process and workflow efficiency. Flexible grouping and hierarchical rights control and multiple encryption strategy, fully meet the enterprise on the interactive security and management of the dual requirements of humanity.

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