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Old "strong and stronger to the old and not bad
发布时间2017-05-11 20:03:00

Relevant data show that as of December 2015, Chongqing has 107 filing registered old, there are 20 has disappeared, the existing majority of old and famous enterprises are barely maintain the status quo, about two percent old enterprises long-term losses, facing bankruptcy and bankruptcy. In particular, it is important to emphasize that this phenomenon is not unique to Chongqing, and is reflected in the country.

Make a traditional taste, what channels do you have to get to cook? This is a question about the "traditional dish awareness and demand" questionnaire. The results of this feedback show that 83% of the respondents will be through the network platform to find production methods of video or graphic, 8% of the respondents choose to ask a well-known friends, 6% of the respondents said they have mastered the production of traditional dishes Method, the remaining less than 4% of the respondents chose the recipe and other ways.

From the above data, at least two conclusions can be seen: first, people have the traditional dishes have the will; second, if there is a network platform specifically for the production of traditional dishes for information push, then the platform will be very concerned about the degree considerable. In fact, this conclusion has been confirmed. The domestic record to record around the traditional food-based documentary "tongue on the Chinese" average ratings reached 0.5%, more than all the same period of television ratings. To create a food exchange community-based website "food world", the daily flow of more than 200,000, page views more than 650,000 page views. How does the authentic food produce such a high degree of attention, much of the reason is that the food market on the old taste of food has been in short supply - to allow patrons to feel the old taste of the old and famous has been numbered.

Past prosperous

Present or depressed or disappear

Each city has its own unique dining culture, and ultimately, a "food street", like a picture of the city's "business card", such as the capital Gui Street, Jinan Furong Street, Chengdu Kam, Taiwan Taizhong Fengjia night market. In the eighties and nineties of the last century, almost all of Chongqing's traditional snacks can be found in the Chaotianmen area, but with the changing times, these restaurants scattered throughout. "Before the Chaotianmen water alley there is a Shunqing mutton Museum, where the mutton soup is particularly delicious, mutton cake soft and delicate, our family dinner special love to go there." 50-year-old Mr. Chen said, Shunqing mutton soup is his The oldest taste of the old taste, but since that store moved to other places, due to distance reasons, slowly he rarely patronize.

And Shunqing mutton Museum slowly from the line of sight fade out of the old and famous. According to the relevant data of Chongqing Daily, as of December 2015, Chongqing has 107 filing registered old and famous, there are 20 have disappeared, the existing majority of old and famous enterprises are barely maintain the status quo, about two percent old enterprises long-term losses, facing collapse And bankruptcy. This is not unique in Chongqing, in May 2012, the first session of the old China Development and Innovation Forum published a surprising number: China's old enterprises average annual disappearance of more than 230; has been identified in more than 1,600 Chinese Old age, barely maintain the status quo accounted for 70%; long-term losses, facing collapse, bankruptcy accounted for 20%; production and management have a certain scale, good efficiency is only about 10%.

The economy in the development of the vast majority of old but have been declining, and Mr. Chen, diners have mostly lost from the old to find the "taste of the year" opportunity.

Yellow and yellow is not connected

Skill is difficult to inherit or the main reason

In the old Chinese enterprises, there are a large number of enterprises rely on manual operation, unique technology and taste shook the market, they are more emphasis on "inheritance" and maintain the "traditional characteristics."

Handmade hot and sour powder has been a snack of Chongqing snacks business card, Zhang Zhang in Chongqing Ciqikou ancient town selling hot and sour powder for more than 20 years, no one after the success of this problem has been so that Zhang can not sleep. Zhang said: "Although the old hand-made still, but it means that labor-intensive, high technical requirements, learning difficult, apprentice hard to recruit, production is limited." Although Zhang's hot and sour shop business hot, but want To "open up Xinjiang soil" is difficult.

Manual control of the productivity, production for less than demand, will also directly restrict the development of the brand. Now many of the old shop technicians are mainly in the elderly, rarely see the young figure, for these old name, the master's experience can be accurately repeated by others, is to hold the important indicators of corporate soul. Like Zhang's handy hot and sour shop, if you can not do this, open the branch to engage in expansion is probably overdraft is his 20 years to build up the reputation. This is also a lot of constraints of the development of the old bottleneck: If you do not press the ancient law, the founder of the brand to hit, and if in accordance with the original technology, do not meet the market operation.

  "Open up" "compliance" enterprises to promote the old taste of the main tone

So, how to make the traditional craft successors, so that the old taste by the scientific development of re-glow, fragrant floating Quartet it? Wheat food is still the founder of the pie to draw their own answer: "two legs" to walk. On the one hand continue to explore and cultivate hand-grasping cake craft producer, relying on absolutely delicious to retain diners, take the craft route; on the one hand combined with mechanization, through the processing plant in Chongqing Huxi will grasp the basic material of the cake - dough batch Processing, and through the cold chain logistics on the various stores for distribution. In this way, not only the traditional hand-grasping cake production process to be protected, but also through the mechanization of mass production so that more people familiar with the grasping cake, familiar with wheat food is still brand. Now wheat food is still hand-grasping cake sales turnover has reached more than 100 million.

Compared to the wheat food is still relying on the Internet through the old ideas of the old brand, itself has the brand advantage of the old and most are to adjust the marketing ideas as the focus of sustainable development.

Bridge hot pot has been the leader of Chongqing hot pot, chairman Xia Hongliang that can not change the enterprise from the system, we must adjust the marketing model from the idea to maintain the brand's reputation. To this end, Xia Hongliang specially formulated three strategies to ensure that the bridge hot pot vigorous development. The first is the talent strategy, in order to improve the quality of employees, to protect the traditional crafts have excellent inheritors, the bridge hot pot in the recruitment of a large number of qualified college students; secondly to speed up the chain layout, expand the brand scale effect, 2008, In the country only 30 chain stores, at present, the number of chain stores has reached 116; third, diversified business, enhance the strength of enterprises to protect the old and sustainable development, since 2013, the bridge hot pot were shares of the Chongqing hot pot world banquet museum, Canal logistics companies and other enterprises.

The government voices

Old tastes can not be history

Chinese old and famous as the important carrier of Chinese business culture, has a strong historical and cultural value and economic value. Revitalize the old Chinese brand, not only to protect the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, at the same time for the promotion of economic development, enhance the competitiveness of the national economy is of great significance. In this regard, many local governments are also active as.

August 2011, Chongqing City, the introduction of the "General Office of the Chongqing Municipal People's Government on the protection and promotion of old and famous development guidance", the views pointed out: in the "second Five-Year" period, Chongqing will be old and famous development into urban planning and urban commercial outlets Planning, made old and famous map, the introduction of GPS positioning system.

In July 2014, Chongqing held an old business gathering area of the General Assembly, the domestic more than a dozen old enterprises signed an agreement, "Chongqing old business district" was officially opened in May last year. Chongqing will also strengthen the protection of old intellectual property rights, guide and encourage old and famous enterprises to trademark registration, patent applications and other work; support the old and famous enterprises rights, crack down on infringement of old and famous trademarks, patents and fake and shoddy old products wrongdoing.

Small craft to bring large-scale, industrial operation can also pass the manual culture. To this end, Chongqing has begun to take a series of protection measures. For example, in order to protect the national heritage, Chongqing City, the financial year to provide 2,000 yuan per year supporting subsidies; Yongchuan, tempeh enterprises to encourage the "old with new", regular hand-made training courses; in Liang Ping, encourage enterprises to develop new products, Tax incentives to give some preferential policies ... ...

National policy support will be able to ensure that the development of the old taste of a good future, this well-known brand marketing expert Mr. Li Guangduo that: in the final analysis, the Government can only create a development environment, "old" how to old and not bad business, have to rely on Business itself.

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