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Research on Brand Strategy and Its Significance
发布时间2017-04-16 20:20:40

Brand strategy is the product of competition in the market economy, in recent years, some awareness of the enterprises have used the brand strategy tool, has made a competitive advantage and gradually grow and develop: such as the food industry Wahaha, hi Lang Lang; health care products wife, Yangsheng Tang , Million base; home appliance industry Haier, TCL, and so on.

But more companies do not use the brand strategy, or improper use of the brand strategy, or misunderstanding the role of the brand, the applicability of the brand strategy and the specific implementation of the planning process there are a variety of problems.

First, what is the real brand strategy

The essence of the strategy is to shape the core expertise of the enterprise, so as to ensure the longterm development of the enterprise. In the highly developed technology, highspeed information dissemination today, products, technology and management knowhow is easy to imitate opponents, more difficult to become the core expertise, and brand once established, it is not only valuable and can not be imitated, because the brand is a consumer recognition Know, is a psychological feeling, this perception and feeling can not be easily imitated.

1, the brand strategy for the "positive structure", the brand strategy is the first strategy, many enterprises in the overall strategic framework of the important indispensable part. If the brand does not rise to a strategic level, it can only be a strategy rather than a strategy.

   2, the enterprise must be the brand as the core competitiveness to build, and the brand is indeed able to play the role of core competitiveness. If the brand can not become the core competitiveness of certain enterprises, the brand is also difficult to rise to a strategic level.

In some industries and enterprises, the brand clearly meet the core competitiveness of the six characteristics:

(1), with irreplaceable. (Brand is a consumer awareness, is a psychological feeling, this perception and feelings can not be easily imitated)

(2), with the ability to continue to profit business. (The brand continues to earn additional profits through its added value)

(3), in the enterprise's ability to the core position. (For fast moving consumer goods and other industries, the brand can be in the operating elements of the core position)

(4), the Department of long-term accumulation of enterprises, with persistent and non-accidental characteristics. (Brand has a clear accumulation, continuity)

(5), with the extension force. (Most brands can be extended)

(6), with the ability to build competitive barriers. (Brand as a consumer psychological awareness, built by the cognitive barrier of the brand is relatively strong)

Because of the core competitiveness of the brand characteristics, brand building has been more and more companies as a business to obtain competitive advantage of strategic objectives, and as the cornerstone of enterprise survival and development.

 3, the brand must eventually for enterprises to obtain long-term differential profits.

Brand strategy must bring real value to the enterprise: According to the price positioning is different, the brand can be divided into popular brands and luxury brands. Volkswagen brands such as CocaCola, Wahaha, Colgate, Johnson & Johnson, these brands price positioning is moderate, a wide range of customer groups, a large number of loyal customers to buy high frequency, and ultimately these brands through a large number of customers consumption, resulting in large-scale production scale and efficiency Scale profit.

Luxury brands such as Rolex watches, crocodile clothing, BMW cars, etc., these brands with status, identity symbol, determined according to the definition of the brand strategy, the enterprise brand to a strategic height to have the core competitiveness characteristics and other conditions. And if the brand as a product logo or as a general commitment to understanding the quality, the brand is almost applicable to any business, this time the enterprise is the use of brand strategy rather than brand strategy.

Brand strategy is a way for enterprises to achieve marketing objectives and means of business is one of the basic strategy of success, but not the fundamental elements of success. As the demand for marketing is becoming more and more urgent, many companies need brand strategy.

In the era of excess material and surplus information, brand strategy is the basis and prerequisite for enterprises to participate in the competition. The brand strategy is not only applicable to the consumer goods industry, but also to the retail, wholesale, finance, culture and entertainment industries, and even the same applies to schools, Hospitals, cities, governments and other nonprofit organizations. These industries / organizations to implement the brand strategy, can play the role of icing on the cake, but generally can not play the decisive role in turning the tide.

Brand strategy only to rise to the height of the brand strategy, the real brand into a deep understanding of the minds of consumers, to create a competitor is difficult to imitate the core competitiveness of the brand, and ultimately bring the difference in profits, this is the brand strategy The The vast majority of industries and enterprises must adopt brand strategy, but many industries and enterprises do not apply the brand strategy defined in this article - the socalled brand strategy is the company will be the core competitiveness of the brand to obtain the difference between profit and value of the business strategy The

With the continuous advance of global economic integration, enterprises are faced with a strong competitive pressure. Peer industry products, technology, services and even market development channels are gradually homogenization of the phenomenon, which makes the competition between enterprises more and more different, in order to maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises, all enterprises are beginning to attach importance to brand quality And development, to establish a strong brand competitive advantage.

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