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An Analysis of the Development of China under the World Trade Organization
发布时间2017-04-13 20:55:00

Joining the World Trade Organization is a major event in China's economy and society, which will have a profound and profound impact on China's society, economy and politics. As an international organization that regulates the world economy and trade, its members are required to run the economy in accordance with the rules of the World Trade Organization. And for China, which has just entered the world economic stage of the new members, this is a new environment, which has the opportunity, but also full of challenges.

Jiang Zemin once pointed out: Under the new situation of joining the WTO, we will continue to push forward the reform and opening up and the socialist modernization drive. For our whole party, it is also a new examination to test a new study. This is a very specific test of our learning ability, coping ability, decision-making ability, and innovation ability. The whole party should pay close attention to study and strengthen research.

China's accession to the World Trade Organization will further accelerate the institutional transition and economic transformation, so that we can accelerate to the market economy, legal economy and credit economy. All this will inevitably bring about the concept of the collision with the interests of China's economic and social development will have a profound impact.

In recent years, with the continuous trend of economic globalization, the world industrial upgrading and development, the rapid development of trade in services has become a remarkable phenomenon in the world, the service industry has become an indispensable part of human life, the status and role of trade in the economy Development is becoming more and more important.

China as the main force in the world economic market, the proportion of international trade in services is growing, the development of trade in services has entered a new development trend. China's international trade in services is an annual average of about 10% of the rate of rapid increase in exports of services accounted for the proportion of exports gradually increased. After China's accession to the WTO, in the process of gradually opening up the service industry, both achieved great success, but also encountered a series of problems.

China's trade in services, the cornerstone of the industry - the rapid development of tertiary industry, emerging industries, emerging development departments continue to emerge in the role of the national economy more and more important for China's international trade in services for the global development has laid a good cornerstone, reform Since the opening up, China's rapid development of trade in services, the amount of increasing, the scale continues to increase, the field continues to expand. Among them, with the continuous development of reform and opening up, China's trade in services formed from south to north, from east to west multi-level, multi-faceted development of open service development pattern.

At present, the world economy has entered the era of service economy, international service trade has gradually become a new field of international trade in the 21st century. The transnational transfer of service industry has become a new trend of economic globalization, and service trade has become a new impetus to promote world economic growth. At present, the service sector accounts for 71% of the total world economy, the proportion of the major developed economies is nearly 80%. The cross-border investment in the service sector accounts for nearly two-thirds of the global cross-border investment. The proportion of trade in services is about five one. Trade in services has become an important driving force to promote global economic recovery and promote global economic balance and sustainable growth. Vigorously develop China's international trade in services is to cope with the increasingly fierce comprehensive national strength competition, to adapt to the development trend of the world, to master the inevitable requirement of development initiative is our country from the trade power to trade power, from economic power to economic power, from the manufacturing economy Strategic choice of service economy. Vigorously developing trade in services is of great significance to speeding up the mode of development and transformation of foreign trade and promoting economic restructuring. The leading industry of the economy is the only way to promote the adjustment of economic structure and accelerate the mode of economic transformation and development. It is an effective way to realize the overall situation of comprehensive national strength and adapt to the new situation of opening up to the outside world and improve the national income. Therefore, the study of China's international trade in services on the development of China's economic development has an important role.

The development of China's service industry is an important manifestation of China's accession to the World Trade Organization, and it has also laid a solid foundation for China's economic, political and social development.

The development of China's service industry fully reflects the World Trade Organization to improve living standards, to ensure full employment and substantial, steady increase in real income; to expand the production and trade of goods and services; adhere to the road of sustainable development, To promote the optimal use of the world's resources, to protect and maintain the environment and to strengthen the adoption of appropriate measures to meet the needs of the members at different levels of economic development; to work actively to ensure that developing countries, in particular the least developed countries, The growth of international trade and its level of economic development to adapt to the share and interests of the purpose.

China's accession to the World Trade Organization for China, can bring much benefit, let us one by one to elaborate.

1, which is conducive to China's faster and better integration into the international economic society. World economic integration, globalization is the mainstream of today's world economic development, to join the mainstream, you can fully share the interests of international division of labor, and the world advanced economy and technology simultaneously. Join the World Trade Organization can help China's economy better integrate into the international economic society, make better use of international resources and international market optimization of resource allocation function, the development of China's socialist market economy.

2, is conducive to safeguarding the economic interests of our country. WTO is one of the three major global international economic organizations, known as the "economic United Nations". WTO has the role of developing and managing the world economic and trade order, the current WTO rules mainly developed by the United States and Europe and other developed countries. China's accession to the WTO will enable China to have a greater voice in the international economic arena and make greater contributions to the establishment of a fair and reasonable international economic order and the interests of developing countries, including China.

3, is conducive to promoting China's economic system reform, expand export trade. After China's accession to the WTO, China has access to multilateral, stable and unconditional MFN treatment, and access to GSP as a developing country and other special preferential treatment, is conducive to the diversification of the market, so that China's export trade has increased significantly.

4, is conducive to the introduction of foreign investment. China's domestic market, especially the service market will be more open; the proportion of products exported to foreign-invested enterprises will no longer apply; foreign exchange balance constraints no longer exist; foreign economic and trade policy of the foreign trade and economic cooperation, the implementation of the World Trade Organization agreement Increased transparency; China will grant national treatment to foreign-invested enterprises. In this way, with the further improvement of the investment environment, the total amount of foreign direct investment will increase significantly, diversification of investment way, which greatly active investment market, expand the scale of production, effectively promote China's economic development.

5, is conducive to stimulate the Chinese enterprises in the sense of competition. After joining the WTO, there will be more foreign multinational companies to enter the Chinese market, which will strengthen the competitive mechanism to stimulate the Chinese enterprises in the sense of competition, forcing domestic enterprises to focus on research and development and brand development, increase investment in technology, strive to improve staff quality And enterprise management level. The pressure of competition will encourage state-owned enterprises to speed up the adjustment of economic structure and product structure, accelerate the restructuring, reorganization, joint, merger process. Due to the decline in the price of imported raw materials, is conducive to reducing the production costs of certain enterprises, thereby enhancing their competitiveness.

6, is conducive to China's technological progress. China is a developing country, the urgent need to introduce foreign advanced technology. As China is not a party to the WTO, the current major industrialized countries to implement China's technology export control, and because China did not participate in the WTO intellectual property protection agreement, foreign enterprises on China's intellectual property protection of the legal environment remains doubt, do not want to sell to China advanced technology. After joining the WTO, China's access to high-tech products and advanced technology conditions will be greatly improved.

Among them, the basic principles of the World Trade Organization is the "non-discrimination principle" "fair trade principle" "transparency principle" "rights and obligations balance principle" and so on.

Joining the World Trade Organization is a new challenge for the government, because our government is in transition, it is necessary to adjust the existing institutions, but also to reconstruct the new system. How to adapt to the changing new situation, as soon as possible to establish a new and more effective government. This is a new requirement for the government to join the World Trade Organization. It should be clear that joining the World Trade Organization is not a denial of the role of the government, nor is it not the government, but at a new starting point, requires the government to play its role more efficiently and perform its duties. In fact, this is a greater increase in government requirements, the role of the government is more important.

World Trade Organization, for the whole world, this is an organization conducive to the development of the world, with the economic globalization, political and multipolarization of the accelerated development of our planet "getting smaller and smaller", we only integrate To the world economic system, whichever is the essence, to its dregs, and constantly innovate their economic and political system, can stand in the world of national forest, permanent development.

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