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Wang Mazi
发布时间2017-04-03 08:47:00

Wang Mazi was founded in the Qing Dynasty Junji eight years (1651), is famous at home and abroad of the old Chinese name. Its traditional forging technology has been determined by the State Council as a national non-material cultural heritage. Set up in the Qing Junji eight years (AD 1651), the treasurer of the surname Wang, because the face of pockmarks, so the peer and the customer address him "Wang Mazi." His cabinet

Do not make scissors, thanks to the private scissors workshop purchase. To ensure the quality of the treasurer personally go to pick goods, adhere to the "three look", "two tests" for acceptance. Three look is: look at the appearance, see the edge, see the shear axis; two tests are: test cut edge, try to feel. Where can not afford to look three, the two tests are not accepted Only the top of the top product can get the counter to sell, so this grocery scissors to good quality and four far known, regardless of the city and the field are attracted to buy. People are invariably called the shop for the "Wang Mazi knife cut shop."

Jiaqing twenty-one years (AD 1816), Wang Mazi offspring takeover grocery shop, officially hung out "three generations of Wang Mazi" signs, changed to operate scissors, and sold in the scissors are engraved with "Wang "Three words for the logo. In order to promote, Chuang licensing, Wang Mazi scissors shop not only in the store on the sale, but also sent people to take the streets, went to the temple, the countryside, to expand sales. Wang Mazi scissors shop to sell the scissors are installed in a printed "Wang Mazi" words in the paper bag, printed on the top of a year, such as a certain damage, Bao Bao Bao words. It said to do, even if more than a year of damage and asked to return the same way. After the Republic of China, in the fierce competition in the goods, many places in Beijing appeared "Wang Mazi", "Wang Ma Zi", "Pharaoh pockelon", "true king pock" and so on signs, trying to fake real way for customers, but all Not able to foothold. Xuanwu Menzao mouth this hanging "three generations of Wang Mazi" signs of the old brand has always been in the leading quality. The early 50s, the East Gate to the Temple of Heaven area is still more than 20 handicrafts knife cut workshop to continue to Wang Zizi knife cut shop processing, the purchase is still in accordance with past standards for acceptance.

Since ancient times there are "South Zhang Xiaoquan, in Cao Zhengxing, north of Wang Mazi" by legend. Is the domestic tool industry three champion.

In 1959, the Beijing Municipal People's Government officially named the establishment of Wang Mazi knife factory, and later in the northern suburbs of Shahe built a new plant, enrich the equipment, to further improve the process, so that product quality to a higher level, therefore, more users And exported to Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asian countries.

In 1979, Wang Maziko knife factory products by the Light Industry Department as a quality product;

In 1980 won the national silver medal;

In 1984, the national evaluation, Wang Mazi "black tiger" scissors ranked first in the country.

In 2007, Beijing Changping District "Wang Mazi" scissors production process to declare the Beijing Intangible cultural heritage list through the national and municipal experts. Experts from the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee, the China Arts and Crafts Association and the Beijing Arts and Crafts Association experts and scholars to discuss and agree to the project declaration.

Analysis of the industry, Beijing Wang Mazi scissors bankruptcy non-day cold, as early as a few years ago to reveal the tip of the iceberg, summed up for several reasons:

Product innovation awareness Wang Ma Zi lack of brand promotion and protection awareness, do not pay attention to branding and publicity, and even rely on word of mouth to spread the visibility, limited scope. Last year, even forgot to apply for a well-known trademark in Beijing, really big joke. An economist said that when he was young, "Wang Mazi" scissors is that look, now or that way, no big change. And some new brands, especially foreign brands are a lot of style, very fine. In contrast, Wang Mazi scissors seem too rustic, unbeaten strange it Following the planned economy management model Wang Mazi scissors factory leadership lack of market awareness, "sit shop business, and other customers come home," the boss seriously thought, resulting in production and market out of touch. In the tide of market economy, enterprise management policy, sales decision-making and talent are far behind the requirements of the times. Especially the government intervention in the enterprise too much, the color of the planned economy is more intense, to develop a dependence on the government's lazy thinking. "Wang Mazi" brand did not fall, Wang Mazi's scissors are still in production, and sales are also good, Wang Mazi scissors factory in charge of the manufacturers is Beijing oak Chang Wang Asako Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., the company office director Guo said: Really has been bankrupt, and Wang Mazi trademark now go to the oak Chang Wang Asako Industry and Trade Co., Ltd..

Now Wang Mazi scissors changed the door, the new factory called Beijing Wan Shun No. scissors limited liability company, two years ago by Wang Mazi scissors factory staff raised 500,000 yuan set up, the original shareholders of 7 people. And Wang Mazi scissors factory, the new company under the Beijing oak Changwang Asako Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., but it operates independently in the shareholding model, with independent legal personality, from the oak Changwang Ma Zi Industry and Trade Co., in production. At present, the market of Wang Mazi knife scissors products, Wan Shun production Wang Mazi knife cut to about 70%, and the remaining 30% from Beijing oak Changwang Ma Zi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Shandong Branch and the original Wang Zi Zi scissors Factory inventory. Beijing oak Changwang Asako Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., chairman and general manager of the white tin dry told reporters that the current Wan Shun production of more than 200 varieties of products, beyond the king rapier scissors plant varieties nearly doubled, the quality of the grade is also exceeded The old factory production of products, last year's annual output value has reached 1.2 million yuan, enterprises have been on track, plans to achieve twice the product variety this year, the annual output value tripled.

According to the relevant audit data, as of May 31, 2002, Beijing Wang Mazi scissors factory total assets of 12836689.71 yuan, total liabilities of 27799845.90 yuan, the owner of the equity -14963156.19 yuan, asset-liability ratio of 216.6%. Wang Mazi stores in Beijing, a number of enterprises to Panjiayuan shops operating more varieties of warm hospitality to facilitate the inheritance of the concept of Wang Mazi now recognized by the masses, so that Wang Mazi knife cut more efforts.

In the late 1980s, "Wang Mazi" paid 200 million yuan a year, but into the 90's, under the conditions of market economy, "Wang Mazi" back a heavy burden on history, sales continue to decline, into an embarrassing situation. In the meantime, the relevant government departments and Wang Mazi scissors factory has done all its own efforts, in 1995, Wang Mazi scissors factory and Beijing cultural and educational equipment factory more than 10 unrelated factories to set up Wang Mazi Industry and Trade Group, re-registered "Wang Mazi" trademark. But the reorganization did not save the old business, then that loss of more than 100 million, then even more losses year after year. 1999 in the Beijing municipal government arrangements, Wang Mazi Industry and Trade Group in the Wang Mazi scissors factory was classified as Beijing Changping District subordinate units, and named the Beijing Dongchang Wang Mazu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Wang Mazi scissors surface black and shiny, sharp knife sharp, was the masses as "black tiger". This kind of scissors is characterized by: the shaft is strong, the cutting edge is dexterous, the slot is easy to grind, does not fall apart, the blade is thin and sharp, the head length is wide, relaxed and durable.


1651 (Qing Shunzhi eight years) Beijing Wang Mazi scissors shop founded.

1816 years (Qing Jiaqing twenty-one years), Wang Zizi descendants in Beijing Xuan Fang Street 135 added two facade, hanging "three generations of Wang Mazi" signs.

Since the Ming Dynasty, China's knife and cutting industry has gradually formed one of the most famous Chinese old, that is the calendar

After three hundred years of vicissitudes of change "Wang Mazi". In Beijing and even the national mention of "Wang Mazi knife cut", it can be a household name, reputation over China. To ask "Wang Mazi" knife and knife why so famous, have to start from scratch.

At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Shandong Qingzhou has a blacksmith called Tian Lao million, nine generations to blacksmith for a living, his early death of his wife, knee without a child, a daughter named Tian Qing, childhood smart and lovely, as the pearl. He also has two apprentice, a Li Shun, a Zhang Xing.

Tian Lao million superb craftsmanship, he played the knife and other iron and other iron knife particularly good to make. Even if the shovel, trowel and mud does not stick mud. His life is authentic. Tian Lao million to all the unique skills of blacksmith to pass to the daughter without reservation. And the two apprentice granted half of the mentoring four days had a gusto.

When it comes to the (Qing) Shunzhi five years, Shandong drought, Qilu earth grass is not raw, but also with the plague epidemic, and iron hit a lifetime of Tanaka million sick. One day he called his daughter called the bed asked: "Dad teach your craft are remembered it? But it is the lifeblood of our family, in the future to rely on it to survive." After a few days the condition increased, he took a trace Helpless smile left the world, when young children were sixteen years old.

Tian Lao million away, young children and two brothers in accordance with the guidance of his father, took a few days away to the unobtrusive Beijing city, after several twists and turns finally found a nickname called Wang camel open "hi off To "shop, work day.

Because "hi off to" the inn is not a long stay. So three brothers and sisters to discuss the old business, pick up their own skills, do some business. Later, with the help of Wang Xiangzi opened a "Shandong blacksmith shop". Three brothers and sisters to do a little blacksmith shop was booming A few years later, young adults grew up by Wang camel for the media, the master of the young people to marry a long time to the capital of goods shipped Shanxi Wang Xing businessman wife.

Wang treasurer though its handsome, full of pock, but he was kind, smart and capable, and quite good business, the couple decided to open a grocery and other grocery shop. So (Qing) Shunzhi eight years (1651) in the city of Beijing City, the mouth of the knife cut grocery opened.

Wang dispensers through the young children to build a knife scissors really pass, began to cut the knife and scissors, exclusive business. After the shop after the factory, production for sale. Its lack of part to take the acquisition, but the quality requirements of strict, according to the quality of the price, therefore, business is booming, fame. At that time, everyone did not know the name of the dispensers, only know the boss surnamed Wang, with pockmarks, days long, people will be used to call the store as "Wang Mazi."

To the (Qing) Jiaqing twenty-one years (1816), Wang Mazi's descendants in the shop outside the official hanging out of the "three generations of Wang Mazi" signs, and knife cut on the marked with the king of pockmarks, so that the brand name in the market On the status of the established. Under the fame, many counterfeiters. Qing Dynasty literati Li Jing's poem described: "knife scissors name surnamed Wang, both sides are more million with Wang. Zhu Gong test points clearly identified, three horizontal and vertical look Mo panic."

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