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World Famous Clothing Brand
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Hermès (Hermès) is the world's leading luxury brand, 1837 by Thierry Hermès founded in Paris, France, early to create advanced harness started, so far has a long history of 170 years. Hermes is a loyal to the traditional handicrafts, the constant pursuit of innovation in the international business, as of 2014 has been luggage, scarves, ties, men and women and living art and other seventeen categories of products. Hermes head office in Paris, France, branches all over the world, in 1996 in Beijing opened China's first Hermes store, "Hermes" for the Greater China unified Chinese translation. Hermes has been adhering to the extraordinary excellence, extremely gorgeous design concept, creating a very elegant example of elegance.

With more than 170 years of history, Hermes, from generation to generation, with its superb technology and a steady stream of imagination, become the most contemporary art of the French high-end brand. Looking for this long history of French companies, you can find many interesting stories: the production of scarves and tie the famous Hermes turned out to be the production of saddles and harness started.

In the 19th century, in Paris, France, most of the residents were raising horses. In 1837, Thierry Hermes opened the first harness shop in the bustling Madeleine area of Basse-du-Rempart.

His harnessed workshop produced a variety of exquisite accessories for the carriage, at the time of the most beautiful carriage in the city of Paris, you can see the traces of Hermes harness. Hermes' craftsmen, like artists, carved down on each product, leaving a lot of handed down, in the 1867 World Trade Fair, Hermes with superb craftsmanship, won an honor award.

In 1879, Charles-Emile Hermes's son, Charles-Emile Hermes, expanded the family business, not only to the Hermes headquarters moved to Paris, the famous Po Po Road 24 (24, Faubourg), with the local aristocracy more Close, also let Hermes out of Paris, to European countries. Hermes made high-level harness was favored by the European aristocracy, and its brand has become a typical representative of the French luxury consumption.

Hermes third generation successor Emile - Maurice Hermes (Emile-Maurice Hermes) for the works of art is very keen, with numerous private collections. These treasures are preserved in the Hermes Museum, and still many of the pilgrimage of the temple. In the 1920s, Hermes extended its products to handbags, travel bags, gloves, belts, jewelery, laptops and watches, ashtrays, scarves and other products. Art has had a tremendous impact on Hermes 'product design, making Hermes' products a Frenchman's romantic and artistic style.

Since 1951, Hermes took over by Robert Dumas, the son-in-law of Emir, and since the 1960s, Hermes has introduced perfume, suits, shoe ornaments, porcelain and other products, The Robert Di Ma himself is also an excellent scarf designer, his business so that Hermes scarf won the appreciation of the world. In 1978, Jean-Louis Dumas, the fifth generation of the Hermes family, became chairman and chief executive officer. He developed new products such as watches and table accessories, giving Hermes new material and flavor.

The 20th century, 80 years, a symbol of the identity of the dress wearing a wind comeback, Hermes with the unexpected trend of rapid development. Hermes all over the world boutiques become celebrities gathered place, such as Monaco's Kelly Princess, Duke of Windsor and his wife, movie star Komori Davis, Ingrid Bergman and so on. In 1956, when the Princess of Monaco, Hollywood famous actress Grace Kelly (Grace Kelly) is pregnant with six, a public presence, the face of the enthusiasm of the media lens, she involuntarily will not leave the body of Hermes Kelly bag In front of him, to cover up due to pregnancy and uplift of the lower abdomen. The famous American "life" magazine happened to capture this rare picture, and used as a cover, and sometimes, Hermes Kelly bag name spread like wildfire, this lens has become a historic picture, once caused the world Attention. Other bright colors of leather products, feel comfortable open silk meters shawls, dazzling jewelry and silk ballet slippers are also favored by ladies. In terms of men's products, Hermes introduced a delicate lined leather jacket, twill mud loaded, vibrant sports jacket, pattern fancy silk tie and so on.

In 1978, the fifth generation of Hermes family Jean Louis Di Ma became chairman and chief executive officer, he developed a watch and table series and other new products, gives Hermes new material and atmosphere.

In addition, the leather bag is one of the most successful products Hermes, to order a Hermes "Kelly bag", need to wait a few years time, because it's every piece of leather, have to go through many complicated steps to deal with. This kind of bag are made by the craftsmen of the mark, regardless of maintenance or maintenance, by the same craftsman is responsible for this rigorous production, it is the reason for its precious.

Hermes Group headquarters is still located in Paris, the famous Fubao Avenue, and its boutique is located in the world more than 30 countries and regions, hundreds of stores. The martial arts made by the group of the Kingdom, after five generations of heritage and more than 100 years after the glory, still maintained a classic and high quality, and by virtue of its consistent uphold the traditional spirit, in the luxury consumption of the kingdom survive.

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