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Adidas (adidas) is a German sporting goods manufacturer, Adidas AG member company. Named after his founder Adolf Adi Dassler, who began production of footwear in 1920 at the Hezernen Oulach near Nuremberg. August 18, 1949 to adidas AG name registration. Adidas was originally opened by the two brothers, after parting ways, Adolf's brother Rudolf Dassler (Rudolf Dassler) opened a sports brand puma. Its classic slogan: "no impossible" (Impossible is nothing). March 2011, spent 160 million euros to enable the new slogan --adidas is all in (all dumping force)

Introduction to Trademarks

Adidas logo has three. And Adidas classic series corresponding to the logo for the clover logo, and Adidas sports fashion series corresponds to the logo is round half pack three stripes logo, and Adidas movement performance series corresponds to the logo is that we are most common in Adidas store Of the three stripes logo (also known as the three brick logo).

Meaning introduction

Adidas three signs have their own different meanings, its significance is as follows:

Adidas clover logo

Many people because of the shape of the reasons that Adidas clover logo represents a blooming flowers, representing the spirit of the Olympic Games (but also the world's athletes have been pursuing the goal) in the "higher, faster, stronger" The But in fact, the Adidas clover logo originally represents the three continental plates connected together - the shape of the plane as the three-dimensional three-dimensional plane, and the world map is very similar to the symbol of the world spread to the movement. At the same time, this symbol also symbolizes the Adidas brand founder Adi Dasler in the sneakers on the three lines.

2. Adidas three stripes logo

Adidas three stripes logo is designed by Adidas founder Adolf Dasler, three striped Adidas logo on behalf of the mountains, pointing to the challenges, achievements of the future and continue to achieve the goal of desire.

3.adidas style logo adidas style As a Japanese designer Yamamoto Yoji and Adidas brand cooperation in the high-end fashion brand, its products can be said that Adidas brand in the most fashionable frontier, to a certain extent regarded as a luxury series. And its logo logo on behalf of the meaning is always standing on the forefront of fashion, the pursuit of high-end enjoy the influx of people tide spirit. Logo for the middle of the circle divided into three stripes.

Evolution history

Adidas these three signs is not from the brand start-up period has been there, it can be said that the evolution of the Adidas logo is the history of Adidas this world-renowned sporting goods Co., Ltd. continue to advance a kind of evidence.

Adidas three stripes logo is the first to be opened in the Adidas brand set up the second year, that is, in 1949 began to apply to Adidas's various types of goods. It represents the continuous progress, and constantly go beyond the sports spirit.

In 1972, Adidas with the clover logo gradually replace the early three stripes logo, with a very symbolic more beautiful clover to the meaning of the world's sports force, also at the same time to their own brand to the world's vision.

In the use of clover logo after ten years, that is, the twentieth century, the late eighties and early nineties, Adidas in order to compete with Nike, but also to enhance their own fashion sense, once again the brand's first three stripes re-applied to Products, as Adidas is the most popular (also the most popular price) sports performance series (adidas performance).

In 1996, after an equity acquisition of the storm, Adidas re-enable the clover logo, and its special application to the series with the sports performance of the distinction between the high-level sports enthusiasts and shoes fans tailored Adidas traditional classic Series (adidas Original).

As for the adidas style mark is not a very long history, Y-3 Y on behalf of Yohji Yamamoto, and 3 on behalf of adidas three lines of the logo, by the world's top designer Yohji Yamamoto (Yohji Yamamoto) as creative director and adidas cooperation in the new Brand.

Event chronology

1920: Mr. Adi Dassler created the first pair of training with sports shoes

1948: adidas brand officially registered

1949: three stripes logo come out

1970: "Telstar" became the first time in the World Cup soccer ball designated 1972: Clover logo come out

1979: the world's best-selling football shoes "Copa Mundial" listed

1985: Aps shock shoes running out

1988: adidas The revolutionary "Torsion" system appeared

1991: Launch of the new series of equipment sports shoes and sportswear

1993: adidas invented "TubularTechnology"

1994: the introduction of a revolutionary new product "Predator" football shoes

1996: "FeetYouWear" sneakers listed

1997: announced the merger to sell skiing, golf equipment and the world famous Thalamone company

2000: shouting "impossible impossible" (impossible impossible nothing) slogan, the success of the creation of popular new topic

2002: launch "a3" series running shoes. This series of products due to design flaws, making the "recall event" for the first time in the footwear products

2004: launched "adidas 1" computer chip smart running shoes

2005: the acquisition of sports brand Reebok, the price of 3.1 billion euros, and access to its Rockport brand. Then set up adidas-GROUP group, which owns adidas, taylormade, reebok

2006: launched "adidas 1.1" upgraded version of the computer chip smart running shoes.

Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee announced on January 24, 2005, Adidas (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Adidas - Solomon Group to become Beijing 2008 Olympic Games partners. Wang Wei, executive vice chairman of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, said that as a partner of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Adidas will provide sports equipment for all the staff and technical officers of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. Adidas also become the Chinese Olympic Sports clothing partners, to participate in Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Chinese sports delegation will be dressed in Adidas sportswear. Adidas Greater China President, Ms. Sander Lin said: "From 1928 founder Adi Dassler for the Olympic players to produce the first pair of spikes began, Adidas has always spared no effort to support the Olympic Games, innovative products to help athletes to create success. At the end of the year before the Athens Olympic Games, Adidas for the organizing committee staff, volunteers and athletes, etc. provided about 1.4 million pieces of equipment. Adidas inspire and wish the Chinese Olympic athletes in the local Olympic Games in 2008 to win more gold medals, And will provide first - class advanced equipment.

2008: adidas custom-made for beijing designed for Beijing to help athletes to achieve impossible

The gap between gold and silver players can not simply be described in words, but rather through the time, strength, explosive power, weight, including skills, enthusiasm, self-confidence and talent and other intrinsic differences to judge. In order to participate in the 2008 Beijing event, the global athletes are in the day and night to uninterrupted training, with a view to the Beijing stadium to achieve their own gold dream.

At that time, there will be more than 3,000 athletes wearing Adidas professional sports equipment debut in Beijing, and adidas also designed for them to create a series of products for the Beijing, including clothing, shoes and hardware products. The classic and timeless design concept helps the player to focus more on its competitive performance, and the brand will inherit Mr. Adidasl's mantle to help each level of athletes at all levels of outstanding performance and self-confidence.

2009: adidas another new brand SLVR, bring us is the "simple and perfect" this brand new brand image. The entire product line fully reflects its blood relationship with adidas. It shows us the consistency, contemporaryity, inclusiveness, loyalty, and strive to go beyond and discover the unique craftsmanship. And it gives us the eternal, trustworthy design. On the one hand it conveys a very special character, while it is a fresh, but also need to grow the brand. Adidas SLVR will be officially launched in February 2009 in the global market, this season's clothing to the basic tone of the black and white color, maroon, orange and blue supplemented. As the SLVR representative of the color of metal ash will be used in several major models. SLVR products are affordable, very real wear, is suitable for everyone can be used as a collection of closet.

2010: Adidas sponsors FIFA South Africa World Cup

2012: Adidas successfully selected the top 100 global sustainable development enterprises

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