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World Famous Clothing Brand
发布时间2017-04-20 11:21:28

Valentino, the world's leading brands of premium custom and premium garments, including: premium set uniforms, garments and a range of accessories, including handbags, leather shoes, mini leather goods, belts, glasses, watches and perfumes.

Full of interesting elements of fashion, exquisite matchless materials, elegant retouching, the achievements of a modern type of fairy tale. REDValentino has more than 100 sales locations, including flagship stores in Tokyo, Cannes, Rome and Milan.

Serving a variety of styles, each with its own characteristics, each one in the prestigious Roman clothing workshop to hand-sewn, by a group of about 40 people dedicated to create a team of creation;

Valentino Premium Garment Series

Provide free and easy and self-contained men and women clothing, suitable for young and elegant and informal customers. In January 2012, Chiuri and Piccioli presented their first men's series in Florence as a special guest at Pitti Uomo. Designers integrated the Italian tailor art tradition and the classic attitude, to create a fusion of a lot of interesting details in the fit in the series.

Valentino Garavani named men and women accessories series

Including: handbags, shoes, small leather goods, belts and jewelry. Advanced design of the design details can also be found in the exquisite accessories series, and mostly handmade. Valentino's classic elements such as floral motifs, bow and lace are also re-interpretation, so that the modern Valentino accessories more elegant and refined.

Valentino women


Valentino Premium Collection offers men and women with free and easy self-contained, the most suitable young and elegant and traditional customers

Valentino men


Valentino series of high-grade clothing to provide free and easy and self-contained men and women clothing, the most suitable for young and elegant and traditional distinguished customers. In January 2012, Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli presented their first men's series in Florence as a special guest at Pitti Uomo. Designers integrated the Italian tailor art tradition and the classic attitude, to create a fusion of a lot of interesting details in the fit in the series.

In February 2012, creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli in Milan for them and the world famous British architect David Chipperfield together three years to create the first Valentino new concept store opened. The blueprint is inspired by the preservation of the brand's important face and personality, such as generous elegance, while reflecting the live in the digital revolution side. Design refused to luxury, only invisible misty Aura. Brand new concept of tomorrow, convergence of traditional and beautiful fashion, not nostalgic retro, but brought back memories of the past.

The store is divided into multiple areas, each with symbolic elements, including VALENTINO signs elements, such as the accessories area set mosaic straight mirror, furnishings like elegant study; dressing room is the shop's most private and most comfortable corner, the choice of gray leather; There are white dressing walls; parquet flooring; Shuimo marble platform and die decoration, and so on. Fashion series and solid architectural elements constitute pleasing to the eye, fashion boutique placed in the light of the smooth carbon fiber shelves and display panels, equipped with LED lights, lighting effects can be independently adjusted, no trace to illuminate the display. Ceiling lighting strategy with a full range of different finishes and space, surrounded by the installation of hidden ambient lighting and transparent white lighting, the central area with warm lighting or decorative crystal lamp. Crystal lights inlaid with copper ring in the optical lens made of a variety of shapes, including the main ladder central space crystal pendant.

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli want to conceive a set of concepts and visions that make it the mainstay of all the interior design of the store, using visual and sensory elements to connect the different regions together.

David Chipperfield cleverly blend ancient rhyme and fashion, creating a space across the past and the future, the style of magnificent and pleasing, style Tang Huang, proud of the feeling of pride.

He conceived the space and the sort of partition like the film's tracking lens, rhythm, showing a dignified private modality, with the ordinary brand store is not the same. Customers from the street into the hall of the door, the more inside to feel comfortable and cordial, until the heart of the locker room, the outside of the noisy were all shut out, feeling very comfortable.

David Chipperfield's design concept has now been applied to all new and refurbished specialty stores. Following the Milan Montenapoleone store, the brand is located in other countries important stores include the United States Beverly Hills, Hong Kong Landmark, Paris Avenue Montaigne, Brazil São Paolo, Shanghai IAPM, San Francisco shop, the United States New York and Rome flagship store.

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