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World Famous Automobile Brand
Bentley car
发布时间2017-02-14 18:03:00

Bentley Motor Company (BentleyMotors Limited) is the world famous ultra-luxury car manufacturers, headquartered in the British Crewe. In 1919, Mr. W. Bentley founded Bentley Motors. "To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class." (To make a fast car, a good car, the same level of the most outstanding car.) Was the founder of Walter Owen Bentley Mr. initial pursuit of the ultimate excellence of the concept of repairer. After nearly a century, Mr. Bentley's philosophy continues to guide our beliefs, actions and ambitious goals. Bentley cars are timeless, sparkling luxury cars in the top of the list, hand to create the world's best performance luxury travel cars, Bentley in 1997 by the Volkswagen Group acquired.

Bentley is one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality cars. Mr. Walter Bentley, who has been known as "W.O.", was an apprentice to the Great Northern Railways. Then during the First World War, responsible for the design of camels and sniper fighters engine. The love of speed and performance, coupled with the ability to win the race to achieve car sales, so W.O. In 1919 to create a Bentley car company. His goal is very clear, from that simple to the incredible idea: "to build a fast car, a good car, the same level of the most outstanding car." So far, Bentley is constantly improving its unparalleled pleasure and completely pure comfort.

As the founder of the Bentley brand, Walter Owen Bentley (1888-1971) was born in a middle-class family, the youngest of the nine children in the family, who had a happy childhood, Strong interest. In the 1919 auto show, launched in his own name named Bentley 3.0 car, from Bentley company embarked on a professional design high-end sports car, racing course. In the next ten years, it was Walter Bentley's most glorious period. He almost swept every session of the famous Le Mans 24 hour endurance race champion.

In World War I, he was hired by the Royal Navy Air Force Technical Committee to work on the French Clerget engine improvement. August 1919 the establishment of Bentley Automobile Co., Ltd., the nominal shares of funds is 200,000 pounds, in fact, the bank's cash is only more than 18,000 pounds. After 21 months, the model was successfully developed, sold in September 1921, at the time the British car market, is one of the most expensive cars.

In 1931, Walter Owen Bentley officially joined Rolls-Royce Motor Company; in 1946, the car production line moved to the British Krupp, this time Rolls-Royce and Bentley has been divided into two independent brands. In this year, launched by the designer Ivan. Ivenden designed Bentley Mark V sedan, it was a great success in the market, only in 1952 its sales amounted to 5200, becoming the best in the history of Bentley Models. It is not difficult to see that at this time Bentley in speed and sport on the advantages of the creator has been contrary to the pursuit of speed and pleasure of the original intention, to become another luxurious luxury car decoration. Bentley's production line in 1946 and Rolls-Royce moved to the British Ke Lu, until today.

Genius engineer Walter Owen Bentley racing complex to create a Bentley brand. Extremely luxurious interior and sophisticated

Of the handmade craftsmanship, established Bentley and Rolls-Royce the same ultra-luxury royal style, but Bentley pay more attention to the movement of the car, Bentley car strong physique and vigorous body is sufficient to prove this point. It is this temperament to let Bentley out of the framework of Rolls-Royce, with the image of "royal athletes" appear in the world car altar.

In the early 1930s, Bentley, the brink of financial crisis, became a brand of Rolls-Royce. Bentley 3.5 liters with Rolls-Royce style, its style is very popular in the 30's, but the athletic performance is not very good. But for the once down after the reunification of rivers and lakes Bentley, this has been regarded as a success. After the Second World War, Bentley ushered in a new development opportunity. In 1946, Bentley production MK6 left home steering wheel models come out, this is Bentley produced the first paragraph of the left steering wheel models, indicating that Bentley has eyes to foreign markets.

In 1952, the use of Rolls-Royce "Silver Cloud" body, equipped with 4.9-liter engine and automatic transmission S-type car market, and soon replaced the R-car, as Bentley new main models. 1965 produced T series although the use of Rolls-Royce "silver shadow" of the integrated body, but in the power system, suspension systems and brake systems have been greatly improved. By 1970, T series models began to use 6.75 liters of V8 cylinder engine. 80 years T-type car for the transformation and the introduction of turbocharged system, to Bentley brand into a new vitality.

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