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World Famous Automobile Brand
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US GM company to produce Hummer (Hummer) and the world famous. GM's founder Ute is a bike manufacturer, 1903 set up off-road (Overland) car department. In 1908, John Willy bought the off-road car department, and in 1912 the establishment of Willis - off-road (Willys-Overland) car company, production Willie - Knight car. In 2009, Tengzhong Heavy Industries from the hands of the acquisition of Hummer ended in failure.

In the late 1970s, the US Army began to develop a new generation of light multi-purpose military vehicles, according to the Vietnam War experience, when the military required military vehicles need to meet the high mobility, multi-purpose and round (non-track) and other requirements, Referred to as HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purposeWheeled Vehicle), to replace a variety of jeeps and all kinds of four-wheel drive pickup, the purpose is to uniform standard light military vehicles to achieve more simple modular maintenance and repair to improve mobility. [1]

The US Army made 19 XR311 test vehicles. XR311 in the desert and the grasslands have a good performance, but in the end because the cost is too high, the rear of the engine can not be loaded due to the load does not meet the requirements of the military multi-purpose, to stop further development. In the same period, the super sports car manufacturer Lamborghini also spotted the military car market, in 1977 trial of several high-performance jeep to the US military test, named Cheetah. But because of its engine behind the car, the use of the car is limited, can not replace the small pickup. Lamborghini later turned the car's market to the Middle East and the rich business, which is LM002.

By the early 1980s, AM General Engineering summed up the reasons for the unsuccessful XR311 and Cheetah, hoping to re-develop the same off-road vehicles to the US military test. So they made 12 HMMWVs. The car's engine position changed from rear to center, located between the two axes but before the cab. This design solves the dilemma caused by the uneven weight of the front engine and the inability of the rear engine to load. At the same time, because of this design, the car width increased to nearly 2.2 meters (excluding the rearview mirror), most of the engine occupies the middle of the driver and front passenger, and the automatic transmission is also placed in the middle of the rear two seats.

HMMWV also uses full-time four-wheel drive system, using V8 6.2-liter diesel engine, fuel-efficient at the same time can issue 150 horsepower, the fastest speed of 110 km. The 12 HMMWVs are fitted with different bodies to suit the US multi-purpose requirements. After a 32,000-kilometer full-scale test in the desert of Nevada, its outstanding performance left a deep impression on the US military. In 1983, the US military signed a contract to order a test vehicle, and after five months of detailed evaluation, AM General won a contract to initially produce 55,000 HMMWVs. In the same year the United States LTV company from the US car company to buy AM General car company. So far, HMMWV series of car manufacturers more than 140,000, the US military equipment is equipped with 100,000, and exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

In the 1991 Gulf War, Hummer took on the personnel and material transport, anti-tank, relay relay and artillery traction and many other tasks. After the war, the Pentagon announced the final report entitled "The victory of the Persian Gulf War," said: "Hummer meet all the requirements, or beyond the requirements of people ... ... shows excellent off-road maneuverability. Army standards, up to 90%. High payload capacity for the US military is also an absolute guarantee.

In 1992, AM General was transferred to the Renco Group. In the same year, AM Genera launched Hmmwv civilian car, named Hummer, transliteration "Hummer", a very appropriate Chinese name. As a result of excellent off-road performance, the industry has been hailed as "off-road car king."

As the US military in the Afghan battlefield suffered homemade bomb attacks, Hummer body has been able to protect the car members, all the front-line combat forces are replaced by M-ATV, only a small part of the support units (such as airport commuter cars) and Afghan National Army to retain the Hummer models.

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