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Cisco Systems, Inc.
发布时间2017-04-11 11:57:00

Cisco is the world's leading provider of network solutions. Cisco's name is taken from San Francisco (San Francisco), where there is a famous Golden Gate Bridge. It can be said that relying on its own technology and a deep understanding of the network economy model, Cisco has become one of the successful practice of network applications. At the same time, Cisco is working to build a bridge between countless businesses and use its keen insight, rich industry experience, and advanced technology to help companies transform their network applications into strategic assets. Mining the energy of the network, gain the advantage of competition.

In the modern English-Chinese comprehensive dictionary, Cisco's meaning is the Canadian snow minnow (white salmon). Cisco is the name of the company, San Francisco (San Francisco), in accordance with the laws of the United States, any company shall not be the name of the city as a product brand, but they use San Francisco's five letters registered, while the San Francisco's representative building Golden Gate Bridge as the company's logo, after the continuous evolution, after the abstract for today's logo.

In December 1984, Cisco Systems, Inc. was founded in the United States, founder of Stanford University, a pair of teachers and couples: computer system director of the computer center Leonard Bosak (Leonard Bosack) and business Sandy Lerner, director of the computer center at the college, designed the networking device called "multi-protocol router" for the Stanford campus network (SUNet), the campus is not compatible with the computer LAN integration , To form a unified network. This networking device is considered a sign of the real age of networking. John Chambers joined Cisco in 1991. In 1996, Chambers was in charge of Cisco's handsome, and Chambers turned Cisco into a dynasty.

For Cisco, it is facing a $ 200 billion network equipment market. His business covers almost every part of the network: the Internet and data transmission routers, switches and other network equipment market is almost all controlled by Cisco. As the network information doubles every four months, it needs to be updated, faster network transmission equipment support, which means that Cisco's market is still expanding, so that Cisco's market has become the most popular, the fastest growing company The

To describe the rapid development of the network is the human side of the day, the Internet has been a thousand years, as equipment suppliers, must master high-tech, innovative, but no one can invent all the technology, Cisco president Chambers that invented The best way is to spend money to buy. He believes that the best practice is to buy a new company is developing new products, it can in the next 6 to 12 months to launch an outstanding new products, and then through Cisco's existing distribution channels, quickly to the market. In 1996, Cisco is through this method, become the network switch market leader.

Cisco Systems has become a recognized global leader in network connectivity solutions, providing solutions that build thousands of companies, universities, businesses, and government departments around the world, with customers across telecommunications, finance, and services , Retail and other industries as well as government departments and educational institutions. At the same time, Cisco Systems is also the backbone of the establishment of the network, the Internet nearly 80% of the traffic through Cisco Systems' products. Cisco has become the undisputed network leader. Cisco Systems has more than 35,000 employees worldwide, with turnover of more than $ 22 billion in 2004.

In today's new economic era, which is the driving force of the network, government, organization and enterprise information construction not only need leading network technology and equipment, but also need to correctly establish and fully apply the intelligent network environment, successful experience and strategy consulting. Cisco Internet Business

Industry Solutions Division (IBSG) actively shares the successful experience of Cisco Application Intelligence Network with users. In the "Fortune" "Global 500" enterprises, more than 280 companies have the president and chief information officer to share the Cisco experience. US BusinessWeek commented that because Cisco is at the heart of the network economy, it is more suitable than any other company to lead and promote the global economic enterprise development to the network model transformation.

Cisco is the world's leading provider of Internet solutions, with sales revenue of $ 39.5 billion in 2008, ranking among Fortune 500 companies in the United States in 2009, Cisco's third-largest provider of Internet solutions, No. 57. In the 2015 Forbes World 500 list, Cisco ranked 76th.

In May 2015, Cisco announced that CEO and chairman of the board, Chambers, will no longer be CEO since July 26, when Chuck Robins, senior vice president of global operations, will become the new CEO, Chambers will Executive Chairman.

Cisco's routers, switches and other devices carry 80% of the world's Internet communications, becoming the legend of Silicon Valley's new economy. Over the past 20 years, Cisco has become a synonym for "Internet, Web applications, productivity," and Cisco has become a market leader in every area of its entry.

Many companies write corporate culture on the wall, Cisco also has a culture card, but I think the company's culture is by no means a pleasant word, it is manifested in our behavior, rooted in our thinking. For example, that a person without culture, which is made from his behavior to judge, the same reason, a corporate culture is its behavior, that is, every employee to do business behavior. If the employees do not know what the boss wanted, how could the formation of a corporate culture? In this way, to bring out another problem, communication. If a business has neither the values and the principles of doing things, there is no way to communicate, not to mention management, there is no management. In other words, an enterprise has no culture, the company has a request, the employee's behavior is reflected, plus the incentive mechanism. It is important to consider whether or not to change an employee. We evaluate the staff every six months, and the Versatility is important, how well is an employee's ability to do it, and whether it can only be sold or otherwise? Adaptability is not strong, the total value of employees will not be high. No communication, there is no management, the three is the relationship between the Trinity.

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