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Remy Martin
发布时间2017-04-24 09:56:00

  Remy Martin is a special champagne cognac expert, has been known as the cognac quality, image and status symbol. Is the world's four brandy brand in the only one by the cognac province created by the local brand. Remy Martin is also the only one of the four brandy brand of their own grape cultivation company. Remy is the most famous Cognac product in China. Rich flavor, due to long brewing, oak barrels of strong scent and special champagne Cognac floral fusion, to achieve the perfect effect.


Rembrandt is a production company with more than 270 years of history in the Cornelk region of Charente, France, and has a mark on its trademark. Remy Martin brandy pure and peaceful, rich and bright color, according to the length of the storage can be divided into several different, which storage the shortest "top aging" is also more than 6 years, and spent 50 years in the cellar for a long time "Louis XIII" is regarded as "Remy Martin" in the best.

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