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India Tata Motors
发布时间2017-05-03 15:42:00

Tata commercial car is India's Tata Group's most well-known brand, India's road every ten trucks there are seven from Tata.

Since the 1990s, a series of domestic and international factors have led to the overall downturn in the Indian industry in order to increase the unrealistic large-scale expansion of investment, blind production of new products, and large-scale invasion of large international enterprises. Tata was also spared that from 2000 to 2001, the entire Tata company entered an unprecedented downturn, losing nearly 50 billion rupees. Tata seems to have passed away.

On the road full of thorns, Tata on their pain "killer", the entire company has made important adjustments.

"We were always asking ourselves some of the most basic questions: how can we become a market controller; what is our future? What happens to the global marketplace," said Shyam Mani, sales director for CVBU. Tata was keenly aware of the changes in the market, when Tata Motors internal research report pointed out that Tata CVBU dominated the medium-sized truck market is slowly declining, its advantage is not obvious light commercial vehicles (LVClightcommercialvehicles) and buses The market share is gradually growing, so Tata decisively carried out a large-scale product structure adjustment.

Tata also compared the global market with the Indian domestic market, drawing on the conclusion that India's commercial vehicle industry will eventually come out of the trough, while the study of India's domestic auto industry trends, market demand and past success stories To a new period of development.

The Indian government at this time also began to domestic the entire automotive industry macro-control, and put forward an ambitious road development program, to increase the demand for automotive products. Although India is only a developing country, but its auto industry annual growth rate is as high as 9%, which makes the Indians very proud. Through its own revolution and government support, Tata began to walk on the thorns road.

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