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Contrast and Research on Chinese and Foreign Advertisement Creativity of Brand &
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First, Starbucks brand introduction with the background of the Chinese market

(A) brand introduction

Starbucks Coffee was founded in 1971 and is the world's leading specialty coffee retailer, baker and starbucks brand owner. Its retail products include more than 30 kinds of the world's top coffee beans, handmade espresso coffee and a variety of coffee hot and cold drinks, all kinds of pastry food and a variety of coffee machines, coffee mugs and other commodities. Starbucks is the earliest source of the 19th century American literary master Herman Melville's classic book "Moby Dick" in a chef is extremely calm, machine character charm mate, his hobby is to drink coffee. Melville has a high status in the history of the United States and the world literature, but his readership is not large, mainly well-educated, people with higher cultural tastes, people who do not have a certain cultural literacy are impossible to read "Moby Dick" this book, not to mention the ability to understand Starbucks this character. Starbucks from the brand name, you can clearly clear its target market positioning: not an ordinary public, but a group of pay attention to enjoy the leisure, advocating knowledge, rich petty bourgeoisie urban white-collar workers.

   In 1971, American Gerald Baldwin and Gordon Polk, who were obsessed with roasted coffee beans, opened the first coffee bean and spice store, Starbucks, in the open-air market in Seattle, Washington. The development of coffee consumption and in the next few decades to rapid development. 1982, founded the "Daily Coffee" Howard? Holz volunteered to be appointed as the head of retail operations and marketing department, in 1987, Howard Schulz spent $ 4 million restructuring Starbucks, to promote the Starbucks to Italy The transformation of the cafe. Clear market positioning and active marketing strategy makes Starbucks rapid growth for the world famous brands.

Starbucks has two versions of the trademark, the first version of the origin of the brown mark, is a 16th century two-tailed mermaid wood carving pattern, her upper body naked, and there is a fully visible double fish tail. Howard Schultz reorganized Starbucks after the new trademark, the second edition of the trademark follows the original mermaid pattern, but made a little modification, the mermaid's two-tailed no longer obvious, the trademark color has changed to represent the "daily Coffee "green, so that the integration of the original Starbucks and daily coffee characteristics of the trademark was born.

(B) brand and product positioning:

The origin of the word brand is the ancient Norwegian text brandr, meaning "mark", his original meaning is to mark the animal body marked to play a role in recognition and proof, it is very vivid that the true meaning of the brand - how In the minds of consumers left a mark. Well-known advertising master Ogilvy believes that the brand is a complex symbol. It is the product attributes, name, packaging, price, history, reputation, advertising style and even history, culture, ethnic and other aspects of the audience to the impact of the sum.

Starbucks is positioned to position its store as a "third space" of life, somewhere in the customer's home and workplace. They want to be arranged every Starbucks are simple and comfortable. Each Starbucks has a wooden hard chair and a soft sofa on the wall. Some Starbucks stores will provide plugs to charge customers using a laptop or Walkman. Starbucks stores are mostly wireless Internet access. Starbucks to the typical American culture can be gradually broken down into the elements can experience: the warmth of the visual, auditory arbitrary, smell the smell of coffee and so on. Sitting in Starbucks customers through the huge windows, watching the crowded streets, gently sip a fragrant coffee, in the busy city life, which is very desirable. Someone pointed out that "Starbucks' success is that it creates a 'coffee religion' characterized by 'Starbucks' experience.

(C) brand promotion strategy:

Traditional brand promotion methods include staff promotion, product promotion, advertising, public relations. Integrated marketing and other means and means of communication, that is, using a little more "radio radiation" mode. As a fast moving consumer goods company, Starbucks in the past years of advertising investment is less than one percent of its sales, but among the top 100 brands in the global brand. They use a kind of communication strategy - word of mouth marketing, consumer oral communication to promote the way Starbucks target consumer groups to grow.

In China, this has a population of 1.3 billion people, Starbucks is used in a local marketing strategy. Localization strategy refers to the multinational enterprises in order to obtain the maximum market benefits, fully meet the needs of the target market, adapt to the local culture, the use of local business personnel and business organizations to produce and sell specific products and services, and the implementation of a series of production , The sum of business, decision making. In order to cater for the different needs of different societies and cultures to different products, the enterprises must combine the local social culture and background to produce the products needed for the local market. Starbucks, in order to meet the different needs of different products and markets, China's market operations, the full use of the localization of the marketing strategy. Causing the Chinese consumer recognition.

(D) for the crowd:

The same is the "third space" concept, Starbucks in overseas and China's positioning, there is a big difference. In the overseas, Starbucks "third space" concept of the foothold is "your neighbor" - is the extension of its family living room, affordable social places, work and family outside the third best place to choose, And is not exclusive to white-collar workers. In China, Starbucks' goal is to provide a sleek fashionable social setting for white-collar workers.

In line with its market positioning, Starbucks is always in the bustling business district of most second-tier cities. Accordingly, in terms of price positioning is "the majority of people can afford the luxury", and uphold the "hard work, and actively enjoy life" value proposition. Starbucks in addition to providing consumers with exquisite coffee drinks and cakes, but also to provide consumers with Europe and the United States by music, fashion magazines, coffee knowledge and other supporting "consumer goods", the surface looks very complicated, but the positioning of thinking quite clear - For the white collar to provide higher value to enjoy.

(5) Starbucks and China:

Starbucks opened its first store in mainland China at Beijing China International Trade Center in January 1999. At present, Starbucks in the mainland more than 60 cities operating more than 1001 stores. For Starbucks, China is Starbucks's "second local market", 2014 China is second only to the United States Starbucks second largest global market, operating in mainland China 1,500 stores, Starbucks will continue to strengthen the development in China The

Over the past 18 years, Starbucks has successfully established the leading position in the quality coffee industry in China, and achieved a high brand awareness. Its proactive, elegant fashion, as well as a humanistic spirit of the brand image, widely recognized by all types of Chinese consumers and welcome. For many Chinese people, Starbucks' green mermaid logo not only represents the best coffee, but also synonymous with high quality and modern lifestyles.

In China, Starbucks is a well-deserved leader in coffee knowledge and coffee expertise, and always sticks to its traditions and characteristics, offering first-class coffee products to customers, as well as other premium beverages and food. Chinese people have the tradition of drinking tea, and Starbucks in such a tea society to create a good coffee culture. Starbucks store atmosphere like a traditional Chinese teahouse, a relaxed mood, chat gathering place, a chat with friends and family can talk to the public living room. Starbucks as a unique global Starbucks experience, high-quality human services and its "third space" concept has also aroused widespread sympathy of Chinese consumers.

Second, Starbucks creative design in Chinese advertising

Starbucks China has always been committed to improving and improving the customer experience while providing consumers with consistently high quality Starbucks experience. On the basis of product quality and service excellence, Starbucks emphasizes innovation, emphasizing the individuality of products and services, emphasizing the constant pleasure and surprise to consumers. At the same time, Starbucks fully respects China's long history of traditional culture, in the store design, local food and beverage supply, etc., the perfect local customs into the Starbucks experience. Since entering the Chinese market, has launched a variety of Chinese consumers with the Chinese characteristics of the drinks, food and goods. Including Starbucks Moon Cake, Star Ice Dumplings, Black Sesame Tea Star Ice Star, Chinese Starbucks Tea, Mango Chicken Rolls, Tofu Vegetable Rolls, and Zodiac Piggy Banks and Walking Cups designed for Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival. At the same time, Starbucks in the store design and more integration into the local elements, such as Beijing's front shop, Chengdu, the width of the alley shop, Fuzhou, three square seven Lane shop, etc., to the rich local characteristics for customers to bring a unique Starbucks store experience.

(A) "Chinese style" decoration:

Starbucks China in the store design into more Chinese elements, combined with local architectural features, products to consider the taste of local consumers, and staff partners to actively engage in community services, and actively support China's education and so on.

Starbucks with careful design, in the decoration into the classical style and the overall style of harmony and unity of the overall style, red lanterns and Fuzhou-specific oil paper umbrella hanging high, reflecting the local historical characteristics. In the interior decoration on the European and American minimalist style and Chinese Chinese style full of this piece of space into every corner and details.

When the ancient building of the three lanes and seven alley in the quiet time about the time of history, Starbucks eternal coffee heritage is also in this once silence of the streets, in the bustling city, enjoy the coffee rosy beauty.

(2) advertising creative promotion

In the advertising creative promotion, Star enjoy cards, with the cup, the new holiday and so on are Starbucks made creative promotion. In China, Starbucks combines these elements with traditional Chinese, as well as special cultural heritage.

   In the 2014 Spring Festival, Starbucks launched the Year of the Horse Cup, as well as embossed carved carved out of the "Kyrgyzstan" word Geely Cup, metaphor new year good luck. In the spring of 2014, Starbucks launched five new embossed city cups, namely Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Qingdao, city cups have all the city's iconic elements, such as Chengdu, the giant panda, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Tower and so on. Spring Festival during the combination of Valentine's Day in February, Starbucks launched New Year special drinks: Fu Man Chestnut Ma Qi Duo, Ji Li fragrance white Mocha, wishful peach black tea latte. In the poster design followed by Starbucks has always been good at the illustrator style, a cup of coffee, a chestnut. In the name of the combination of the Chinese people's auspicious words, "Li" with "benefit", meaning the big fortune, to come to Starbucks consumers during this period to bring a blessing, together with a booming Chinese year The

(C) Summary

Starbucks expansion in China, in all respects embodies the Chinese elements and Chinese culture combined with the localization of marketing strategies, through efforts to make Western brands and Chinese local culture perfect combination in the vast Chinese market step by step to success.

Third, Starbucks foreign advertising in the creative design

Starbucks brand from 1971 to the present, has been the media advertising marketing strategy is not interested in Starbucks founder is only limited to the sale of coffee beans on sale, until 1985, Mr. Schultz acquired Starbucks, Starbucks extended to Now the world's leading brands, but still follow the tradition of not advertising. We are able to be familiar with Starbucks brand, relying on Starbucks to follow the experience of marketing and word of mouth marketing. We are familiar with the mermaid LOGO Starbucks is the largest advertising signs.

Starbucks put the old ads in the media less, the earliest publicity is the quality of each employee's services, quality tasty coffee, as well as between home and office, Starbucks respected "third space" concept. It seems to have become Starbucks first advertising.

Starbucks believes that in the service industry, the most important marketing channel is the store itself, Starbucks do not want to spend huge sums of money for advertising and promotion, but they insist that every employee must have the most professional knowledge and the highest service enthusiasm The Starbucks will be used for the huge cost of advertising expenses for staff benefits and training, so that employees feel the warmth of home, and the professionalism of the work, so that the mobility of employees is very small. This is the Starbucks "word of mouth" brand management philosophy has played an important role. They are convinced: "Our shop is the best ad."

Six, concluding remarks

With the expansion of China's coffee market demand, more and more coffee companies to enter the Chinese market, Starbucks as the world's coffee chain leader, its unique experience marketing and word of mouth marketing has also brought great success The But the market continues to change in the competition, Starbucks has created a coffee empire, and unprecedented to determine the coffee industry standards, this success worthy of our research and learning. But the same, Starbucks is also facing part of the crisis and problems in constant expansion.

Starbucks brand is but its value and cultural extension, Starbucks through its revolutionary human resources program for customers to create a unique Starbucks experience to achieve its brand values and corporate culture.

In the promotion of advertising creative, the difference between Chinese and Western thinking, cultural differences, different audience groups are a major factor affecting the promotion of creativity. In the brand promotion at the same time, we should pay attention to cultural differences caused by a series of problems in the advertising creative aspects of Chinese and Western, to learn from each other, to accept the differences brought about by different cultures, more humane, personalized.

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