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Brand is the value of the brand is the guarantee of profit maximization
发布时间2017-05-11 21:01:00

Recently, a lot of OEM customers to find the China Central Exchange, said to do their own brand, but the same shoes do not have that hook, the same clothes for a label, the price is not selling Why?

   From the consumer's point of view, he bought a product is actually in the purchase of two things:

    1, this product gives me what kind of practicality? That is what is its material point of interest? This is the most fundamental reason for the purchase of consumers

    2, this product gives me what kind of spirit to enjoy? This spiritual benefit is the added value that the brand offers

     So the market competition is actually two levels of product competition and brand competition, they belong to two levels:

    1, the product competition is a material and technical level of competition, which includes the taste of the packaging style color function price, etc.

    2, the brand competition is the spirit and psychological level of competition, it contains the psychological feelings of emotional attitudes clearly point to the added value and so on

    1, the brand is to avoid a simple price competition as a means, that is, the brand has the added value, in each commodity will be reflected in the price of this brand is the premium effect

    2, the brand is the enterprise to maximize profits guarantee, the introduction of each new product, you can increase the value of the original brand This is the value of the brand extension

    3, the brand is separated from other similar products magic: exactly the same product, because the product gives the image of different scenes of the concept of the product has a unique personality unique, so the acquisition of their own personality with the same consumer groups

    4, the brand is also a memory, a story, a spirit, when a brand is more and more people to accept, to achieve the spread between people, his social effects will increase with him For the products and enterprises to bring the value of more and more rich

     Specific decomposition, we believe that the brand has five values

     Brand value 1: brand is the experience

     Consumers can not understand the product one by one, he had to use the experience of the past, or learn from other people's experience in this brand tree once picked the sweet fruit, he was confident that another fruit is sweet

     Brand value 2: brand is based on

     Modern life more and more intense pace of life, there is no time for unfamiliar things without a basis to make full judgments, then the brand is the best basis

     A strange movie to see, the director is based on other movies can not see, but Zhang Yimou director of the film must see, where Zhang Yimou is the brand, is based on

     Brand value 3: brand is the contract

     This society, this era there are too many uncertainties, consumers buy products from the fundamental concern is the quality of the product is too strong? Is the commitment on the ad credible? And a series of trust issues

     Rest assured that the brand is to bring the best interests of consumers so that the brand is a commitment to the brand is a contract, the brand is a guarantee

     Brand value 4: brand is identity

     In the eyes of the public, sitting Mercedes-Benz and sit Xiali people are two levels of people in many semi-passive consumption, but the enjoyment of the goods is second, the brand to bring him far greater than the product itself, where the Mercedes-Benz brand is The sign of success is the symbol of status and glory

     To the company when the car has been in the Land Rover off-road vehicles and Mercedes-Benz cars wandering for a long time, finally set the Mercedes-Benz Why? On their own, must be land tiger, but if the respect for customers, Mercedes-Benz is clearly more competent

     Brand value 5: brand is personality

     Use what kind of brand, basically you are what kind of person so the brand is your own people will love their own, so that the brand and the consumer into one, the brand will be successful

     Such as LeviS, it represents a free rebellious character, so the use of LeviS consumers are often self-identified people

     And Body Shop claims that all of their goods are refused to use animals to do experiments, so the use of Body Shop goods consumers are loving, is the animal protectionist

     The three forms of consumption of the product are:

     Practical mainly for the product to obtain the material utility and the use of value

     Enjoy a very high quality of the use of value, comfortable consumption experience

     Self-expression through a brand of products to express their life advocates values life attitude

     Material shortage of the times, the brand's demand is much lower; material rich era, the role of the brand more practical significance In a sense, the brand is the material civilization developed to promote the development of spiritual civilization products

     The real brand is derived from the lifestyle of the consumer, even higher than their life; the brand can give consumers a way of life, when people in the consumption of this commodity, they are given a symbolic meaning

     You are a vegetarian, then you can rest assured that Amway, Amway because all the products are extracted from the plant, called pure vegetarian products; if you are a M-ZONE people, then we can know that you like the new stimulus Changing life, and the courage to accept the challenge; brand, and ultimately change the way people live attitude, people change the brand, more and more depends on the spirit of the feelings.

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