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The upsurge of corporate acquisitions in the 1980s has aroused widespread concern about the value of the brand, and the theory of brand value has gradually developed. In recent years, the academic research on brand value mainly includes the source of brand value, the connotation of brand value, the improvement of brand value and the evaluation of brand value. Wang Chengrong and Zou Shangang analyzed the source of the brand value from the perspective of the duality of the commodity. They believed that the brand value was related to the quantity and quality of the high-quality, creative labor input and the consumer's The degree of recognition. Under the established market conditions, the brand value depends on the producer's special labor input and market recognition fit, is the result of the interaction between the two. The conceptual model of financial accounting, the conceptual model of brand power based on market and the conceptual model based on consumer, and then put forward the concept of "brand value" based on the concept of "brand value" Brand asset concept. Zhang Shulin reveals the essence of the brand value of the source, he believes that the essence of brand value is the brand power, brand power is the legal power and market power of organic unity, the brand value depends on the size of the brand market power, brand market power is consumption The value of the brand is composed of three parts: cost value, relationship value and power value. Each component of brand value has two sources, namely, the source of the enterprise and the source of the consumer, to discuss the connotation of the brand value, taking the senior hotel as an example , To study the relationship between brand value and firm performance. They believe that brand loyalty, perceived quality and brand image are important constituent elements of customer-based brand value, and there is a positive relationship between the constituent elements of brand value and the performance of senior hotels. Beam Xiaoyu from the perspective of market competition, analysis of the importance of public marketing and its branding enterprises to enhance the brand's unique role and impact. Through the comparison of the domestic and foreign famous brands, this paper puts forward a method to evaluate the network superiority, and discusses the reason why the famous brand of the world is well known. Its essence is that the company occupies the core position in the network, Enterprises use the network to develop the brand of the idea. Zhu Ruiting, Xu Linfeng, Li Jie from the consumer, brand (product), distribution channels and brand legal protection and other aspects of the analysis of the brand value of the determinants, on the basis of the introduction of the different purposes of the brand value evaluation Methods and models.

Brand value assessment in the brand value of the study is a very important part of the brand value assessment, the enterprise can have the intangible assets of the number, for the brand M & A, brand licensing and other activities to provide the basis. There are more articles on the evaluation of brand value. Most of them are qualitative research. For example, Lu Taihong sums up the representative route and method of international brand value evaluation, including two kinds of international most influential methods and four kinds Based on the evaluation model of consumer relations, and put forward the idea of in-depth development and based on the brand value of the new assessment direction. Zhang Chuanzhong put forward three basic problems of evaluation index, data source and attribution refining in designing brand value evaluation method, and clarified the ways to solve the problem from theoretical basis and operation technology. Wang Jinfeng from the brand loyalty and brand awareness of the combined effect of the two brands to evaluate the brand value, taking into account the purchase price of consumers on the actual brand value caused by the impact. Lu Juan summed up the five existing representative of the brand value evaluation method, describes the characteristics of each method, advantages and limitations, and finally pointed out: the brand is in fact an unrecognizable intangible assets, brand value The main part of the value is seamless with the goodwill, brand value assessment there are "innate" difficulties, no matter what specific assessment method, the brand value assessment can only be relatively reasonable and can not be absolutely accurate.

Liu Erkui believes that the elements of brand value include market share, excess profits, brand protection and life expectancy, brand trends and market characteristics and international capabilities, brand value assessment methods must be able to assess all the elements of value, in addition, he also The existing evaluation methods are analyzed and evaluated. Zhou Xiaodong and Zhang Shengchen introduced the mechanism of the existing five kinds of brand value evaluation methods respectively, and analyzed their advantages and disadvantages. He also pointed out that one of the main difficulties in brand value evaluation is how to combine the brand with other invisible Asset divestment, he believes that the use of premium method to deal with the problem is more reasonable. Fan Xiucheng, cold rock that the brand value is the brand in the consumer's reflection, through the consumer loyalty to the brand to buy reflect the brand value. He presents a loyalty law that uses a "loyalty factor" to represent the proportion of customers who have decided to buy or start buying this brand in the future, reflecting the loyalty of the brand to the brand and the attractiveness of the brand. Li Youjun, Cui Mingxin that the brand reflects the relationship between enterprises and consumers and competitors, the essence of brand value is reflected in the relationship between the brand strength, this brand can be divided into brand strength and market dimensions of the two dimensions Personal strength, were used to measure the brand's internal strength and external performance. They established a set of brand strength evaluation index system, and the use of gray system approach to measure the brand strength, and finally the use of industry benchmarking method to quantify the assessment)

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