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Brand ranking should also be assessed on the market
发布时间2017-04-04 21:06:00

Recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Liu Junchen, deputy director, said the council is studying the relevant trademarks, brand list to regulate, and with the industrial and commercial administrative departments to master the market information, trademark registration information and other resource advantages, the establishment of scientific and objective brand value Evaluation system, the development of more authoritative trademark brand list.

SAIC on the trademark brand list to regulate, no doubt its practical relevance and necessity. At present, many trademark brand rating activities are the existence of black-box operation phenomenon, many injustice and even false list mixed with the market, misleading and harm consumers, businessmen and commenters to obtain a lot of gray interest. From the root of the "brand list" to be standardized, both the public, is also the responsibility of public power.

However, the General Administration of Industry and Commerce said, "will develop a more authoritative trademark brand list, I am afraid to" take a step ", is questionable. First of all, regulate the current evaluation of chaos, the key is to promote the selection of subjects and activities of the independence and justice, the formation of the competitiveness of their own evaluation, to promote the market "brand list" return to justice. In other words, the government has to do is to create a good rating market environment, to maintain fair competition, to combat false fraud, rather than take the initiative to join the market, to create an official version of the "brand list." Otherwise, a little power of the hand stretched too long suspected.

We do not deny the relevant departments, "grasp the market main information, trademark registration information and other resource advantages", have the ability to "establish a scientific objective and fair brand value evaluation system", and then "to develop a more authoritative brand list." However, here the so-called resource advantages - "market information, trademark registration information", not "confidential resources" or trade secrets, many should belong to the scope of information disclosure, should be open to the community, let the community free access, and should not become A government department exclusive "resource advantage".

As for the "scientific and objective and fair brand value evaluation system" once established, but also can be incorporated into the public think tank, then, why not choose the "open source", so that social organizations accordingly to develop "authority" list? To know that this can actually make the General Administration of Industry and Commerce to save manpower and material resources, why not? On the contrary, the government departments will be in the hands of information resources, engage in trademark brand list, there may be power to rent, the same will make unfair and even false list, and supervision is also more difficult.

Can be done to the market, the government without too much intervention, this is the basic consensus of society. Public power of the hand too much, too long, escape the power of rent-seeking suspects, but rather easy to spawn more problems. A lesson, in fact, not far away. AQSIQ had swept the "brand rating", and provides that "must be affixed to the Quality Inspection Bureau designated electronic code, that is, CITIC national inspection of electronic codes, products have the opportunity to participate in the brand rating ... ... many companies ... ... had to choose CITIC National Inspection (AQSIQ shares of the company's electronic code ... ... ", which also triggered a lawsuit, the government credible in this suffered damage.

Looking at the trend in recent years, in the market selection activities, the public power of the figure is gradually reduced. For example, in 2007, the Ministry of Commerce announced the withdrawal of the "National Top 100 selection of food and beverage"; 2008, AQSIQ to give up brand-name selection, this is a good trend. President Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that "the government should not manage things to the market," which means that the high-level push into the market-oriented reform, draw the government and market boundaries, have higher requirements. Societe Generale of the position will formulate the brand list, it is some contrarian and on, people quite sorry.

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