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Not OPPO and vivo, three or four lines of young people like this second-hand mob
发布时间2017-05-18 07:57:00

Looking back at the end of April 2011 iPhone4 just landed in China, people seem to suddenly abandoned the other brands, at the time, we all think that Apple phone is too easy to use, and too good to read. Even if it is more than 5,000 yuan high price, but also can not prevent the fruit powder have for their daughter cleared.

Today, Apple phone is not easy to sell, and the Chinese market also appeared in the iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, vivo and OPPO fifth of the world situation. Many consumers believe that domestic brand mobile phone is not worse than Apple, and the price is also a lot cheaper.

  In addition, people now use the phone frequency is very high, the phone is not durable, 2 years, up to 3 years will change one. That being the case, where there is a need to pursue expensive new phone it So, the firm fruit powder began to choose second-hand iPhone.

   Today, the second-hand trading platform "leisure fish" released "slum fish phone Billboard" shows that over the past year, iPhone 6 to become the most popular market on the second-hand models. More interesting is that from the buying and selling area, second-hand iPhone 6 also "escape" north wide

IPhone 6 ranked second-hand trading list

   May 15, the third release of fish, "slum fish phone Billboard", and for the first time published different gender, city, age, user transactions mobile phone data performance.

   From the single product volume list can be seen, iPhone 6 in the past year on the second hand market, the most popular mobile phone, millet and Meizu also have two mobile phones into the top 5, it is surprising that Samsung, Huawei and OV (OPPO and vivo) several manufacturers have no models into the top five.

   Moreover, in one, two, three, four lines of the city, second-hand iPhone 6 are trading the most models, millet phone 5 are ranked second. Interestingly, Huawei Mate8 mobile phone only appeared in the first half of the city trading charts, in the second, third and fourth tier cities in the top 5 list, there is no Huawei mobile phone figure.

   Why the new Apple phone is not easy to sell, but second-hand iPhone and sell well?

   May 3, Apple released the second quarter of fiscal year 2017 results. Greater China revenues were $ 10.726 billion, down 14% from $ 12.486 billion in the same period last year. For the first quarter of this year, iPhone sales lower than expected reasons, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, may be released "heavy iPhone8" market rumors affect the company's mobile phone sales, future product reports may lead to consumer delays Buy iphone.

   In fact, Cook said that is not unreasonable, when Apple is ready to send new products, before the old second-hand iPhone trading volume will be bursting.

   Phoenix technology reported that, according to foreign well-known second-hand trading platform Gazelle data show, iPhone 6 officially released after a few days time, the overall number of second-hand mobile phone transactions rose 293%, an average of 480 consumers per minute to sell their own equipment , While in the second hand iPhone trading volume iPhone 5 accounted for the most, reached 47%, basically in line with the escalation of the law, iPhone 5s turnover has reached 34%, iPhone 4s 13%.

The list of slaves shows only the iPhone 6 out of the first and second tier cities, but does not specify the specific city situation. But every small series (micro-signal: nbdnews) from the second-hand mobile trading platform in March this year, released the "second-hand mobile phone trading map" found that second-hand mobile phone selection has a certain geographical distinction.

   For example, the people of Shenzhen will be "Yan value" as one of the indispensable purchase criteria. According to the rotating platform data show that the most popular people in Shenzhen, the top five mobile phone brands were: Samsung, Apple, Huawei, millet, vivo. These brands can be described as "Yan value" to play in the design have their own unique, much sought after young people.

   While the people of Beijing in the choice of second-hand mobile phone, pay more attention to feelings. According to the conversion platform data show that there are many Beijing consumers for the hammer mobile phone dream and feelings pay, according to statistics, the purchase of hammer second-hand mobile phone people in Beijing accounted for 92%.

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