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Analysis on the Consumption Market Characteristics and Marketing Strategy of Int
发布时间2017-05-02 16:06:00

[Abstract] In the context of the global economic weakness, China's luxury goods market upside down, so that the market has been the world's attention, the Chinese consumers to guide the new consumption patterns and speed is gradually rewrite the global Luxury industry competition rules. International luxury business marketing strategy changes and strategic focus shift highlights the importance of the Chinese market. With the rapid development of China's economy and the improvement of urbanization level, coupled with the concept of consumer consumption and rational rational and mature, China's luxury consumption level will be further enhanced, the industry will continue to develop steadily.

Key wordsinternational luxury brand; consumer market; characteristics; wibeis brand evaluation center; marketing strategy

CLCF272; F275

First, the introduction

With the rapid development of the global economy, the luxury market has shown an increasingly strong trend, especially in recent years, China's luxury market, which has occupied a very important position in the world pattern. However, most of today's first-line luxury brands mainly from Europe and the United States, China's local fashion brands, although faster progress, but among the international line there is a big gap. Through the analysis of the international front line luxury brand fortune process, and then summed up its development experience and detours, and domestic fashion brands to compare the advantages and disadvantages, looking for domestic fashion brand "on the beach" road, as a luxury brand, especially On the domestic luxury brands to provide a healthy development experience.

Second, the international luxury consumer market status and characteristics of the analysis

1, the characteristics of market consumption analysis

1.1 China's luxury market, the main consumer groups

The first is wealth upstart. When the Chinese economy under the leadership of the rapid development of manufacturing, the first generation of China's rich, most of them are companies, corporate decision-makers or owners, such consumer groups for the consumption of luxury goods mostly as "show off Sexual consumption ", they accumulate wealth at the same time also in the luxury consumption, on the one hand is to show their economic strength and social status; the other is through the show off consumption to create and maintain the relationship between personal survival and development The internet. In fact, such consumers are mostly in the symbolic characteristics of luxury goods to pay, but the symbol of luxury goods is often characterized by luxury brands unique LOGO reflected, even if they do not understand the brand LOGO behind the brand Culture, but for this conspicuous consumption, LOGO happens to be their "show off" the symbol, this symbol is the status and status of the symbol.

Followed by the new darling of fashion. Social "gold collar" crowd, they have received a lot of good education, as the enterprise, the company's senior management positions, is the elite of this society, so there is a huge salary, and most of the multinational companies work on the international The trend is also a lot of understanding, but they will not follow the fashion trend blindly, but more attention to the brand, quality and grade. According to them, the connotation of luxury is not just a symbol of identity, but also the external manifestation of personal taste, is a way to highlight the personality, luxury brand men's bag is not just a symbol, they are more Value is often the history of the brand, the brand's style is consistent with personal temperament, and its elegant design, exquisite workmanship and so on.

The third is the community of white-collar workers. "White collar" refers to those who do not have less than 8,000 yuan of mental workers, luxury consumption mostly more than their actual ability to pay, and therefore led to the "moonlight family", "negative assets of a family" appears. From the motive of social consumption, the Chinese white-collar luxury consumption is more important to the value of luxury goods, the main motivation is to "show off" and "herd." Conspicuous motives here are more manifestations of the recognition of each other, the establishment of identity expression of a way; from the motives are mainly manifested as do not want to be a social group alienated, with the help of luxury goods on behalf of the grade, so each other Recognition, mutual appreciation, and then do not feel lonely, get the need for a sense of security. In today's society, China's white-collar workers are increasingly concerned about the personal consumption motive, that is, self-enjoyment, exquisite quality and self-gift, they are mostly familiar with the luxury brand behind the growth process, understand the charm of the brand, accurate and unique, Can be in a very short period of time to pick out the most cost-effective and most suitable for their own temperament products.

Finally is still cool new family. China's 20-year-old single-generation generation, they are filled with a variety of world famous brand bags, and many people have begun to use luxury goods. And they also represent a market opportunity, that is, after they step in the workplace, to maintain the pursuit of high quality of life. This type of consumer group has two notable features: cool and with a clear individualism brand.

1.2 Characteristics of consumer behavior

In recent years, China's luxury goods market, the scale of the expansion of the momentum is very rapid, and the emergence of business and personal gifts gift category and the rapid growth of national consumption is significantly greater than the phenomenon of domestic consumption. According to Bain's survey, China's luxury consumer market size in 2013, a comprehensive rapid acceleration, the annual market size reached 387.1 billion yuan, especially as a business and personal gifts gifts preferred luggage and watch the rapid growth momentum. Luggage in the 2013 to 2014 two years of compound growth rate of 30%, watch category was 45%. Deutsche Bank of Germany on the global luxury goods market share in accordance with the target area and nationality were divided, the study found that China's luxury consumer market ratio rose from 7% in 2009 to 28% in 2014, the growth momentum is more robust The consumption of luxury goods in China accounted for the proportion of total luxury consumption in the world, from 4% in 2000 rose to 37% in 2014.

China's economy in the continuous development and changes, people's ideas, social structure and social system environment has undergone tremendous changes, the public's consumer behavior and ideas have undergone tremendous changes, China as the world's major consumer goods market The status has been unable to shake. And foreign luxury goods market is different from China's luxury consumer main force appears to be more young. Ogut experts believe that precisely because of this group of consumers economic, age and social status of the characteristics presented, making them more likely to absorb the spread of luxury brand information, pay more attention to brand uniqueness and personalization. This vibrant main force is also leading the nowadays of China's luxury consumption from the "conspicuous" to "self-satisfied type" of the transition, from the blind gradually mature.

With the major luxury brands in China to increase the intensity of publicity and consumer information access platform for the rapid expansion of Chinese consumers for the luxury of consumer attitudes are becoming more mature, elegant and refined life taste gradually replaced the pursuit of blindly follow the trend Imitation of irrational consumption. They gradually began to according to their own preferences "targeted", more inclined to choose their own style to match the luxury brand, and know how to luxury brands and ordinary brands clever combination, to form their own unique style.

2, China and foreign luxury consumer market characteristics of the comparison

2.1 Western consumer luxury consumption motive

Vigneron Franck and Lester W. Johnson in the study of Western consumer luxury consumption motive, the use of self - orientation and a concept - self - consciousness (Self - Conscious) on the consumer psychological segmentation, the consumer It is divided into two categories: Private Self - Conscious and Public Self - Conscious, and the corresponding reference group can be divided into two categories: interpersonal influence (Personal Effects) and (Interpersonal Effects), the former impact of Western consumers of three kinds of luxury consumption motives: pleasure (Hedonist), the pursuit of exquisite (Perfectionist); the latter two kinds of consumer motivation: to show off (Conspicuous), leading ( Snob), from the band (Bandwagon). In addition there are many other scholars of the empirical study also basically verify the Western consumer luxury consumption motive structure.

2.2 Chinese consumers luxury consumer motivation

Consumers who have the self-concept of being dependent on others and consumers who have independent self-concept are different in their consumption motive: consumers with self-concept of others are more concerned with the personal role of the individual and the individual Public perception is the center of self-identification, its emphasis on the face, so that it attaches more importance to the symbolic meaning of the product rather than pleasure, especially the products show the public symbolic meaning; independent self-concept consumers emphasize the inner self, so But also more preference for the product or the brand's unique value of pleasure, the pursuit of the value of luxury goods is also a luxury consumer spending one of the main motives, because the value of pleasure is the personal pleasure of the product and experience.

In the comparative analysis of the East and West consumers because of different cultural backgrounds and the formation of different self-concept, which led to the different consumer motives, others depend on self and independent self is the concept of self two dimensions, the corresponding impact of the formation of two Different Consumption Motivations: Personal Sexual Motivation and Social Consumption Motivation. In view of this, we review the study of the East and West consumers of luxury consumption motives on the basis of the results, put forward a complete response to the Confucian culture under the influence of China's luxury consumption interest model.

Third, the luxury consumption in China's development process and thinking

1, China's luxury goods development analysis

1.1 development process

Luxury (Luxury) in the international community is defined as "a beyond the scope of people's survival and development needs, with scarce, unique, rare and other characteristics of consumer goods, also known as non-daily necessities." Luxury existence of narrow and broad In the narrow sense of luxury goods refers to the consumer structure of the highest among the consumer goods, by the industry and consumers common convention, luxury in different regions and different periods of its meaning is a change, is a relative concept: generalized luxury Commodity refers to consumer goods beyond the basic needs of consumers.

With the sustained and rapid development of China's economy and the increase in consumer disposable income, China is becoming the world's important and rapid growth of the luxury consumer market. Analysts believe that with the gradual rise of middle-income class, China's consumption rate will continue to rise, over the past 20 years, the luxury marketing strategy has always been positioned in the richest class, but the time is easy, China's Luxury consumption has emerged a "luxury civilian" trend. According to the Goldman Sachs report, China's luxury goods market turnover in 2013 has reached 32 billion US dollars, rising in the world's first in the next 10 years, China will become the world's fastest growing luxury market, the market Consumption will surpass Japan to become the world's second, when China will have the world's largest luxury consumer customer base.

Although, the last ten to twenty years China has begun to appear many ethnic luxury brands. Compared to the traditional luxury goods, they adhering to the Chinese traditional culture and contemporary life combined with a clear brand concept, excellent quality and superb technology, plus a more product design sense of style, in brand promotion and marketing Planning, means more emphasis on innovation and diversification. But compared with the international mature luxury brands, China's luxury brand development is still a long way to go.

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